August 15, 2005 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

August 15, 20051:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Changes in Civil Service Library Classifications
    Kelly and Burger
    Outcome: Understand changes, process of reclassifications, and impact on Library
    30 Minutes
  2. Emergency Coverage (proposed policy distributed previously by Burger)
    Outcome: Discuss outcome of discussions by Divisions
    20 minutes
  3. Strategic Planning
    Outcome: Determine role of AC in strategic planning process; recommend future role for Strategic Planning Committee
    25 minutes
  4. Updates and Announcements
    15 minutes

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair, Bob Burger, Tina Chrzastowski, Jenny Johnson (for Bill Maher), Janis Johnston, Diane Schmidt, Sue Searing, Tom Kilton, Karen Wei, Joyce Wright (for Betsy Kruger), Cindy Kelly


  1. Changes in Civil Service Library Classifications – Kelly, BurgerThis change is not a reclassification of the series it is a change in title for the series. The State revised the classification series for library clerks, library technical specialists and library operations assistants to the new series. (See attached for new levels and specifications.)

    This series more actively defines what staff are doing in the Library with an emphasis on the technical aspects of Library staff. This moves away from the Library clerical series to the Library technical aspects.

    Library Clerk (LC) I and Library Clerk II are now Library Clerks. The Library hasn’t used Library Clerk I for at least 18 months. In the next 12 months the new entry level for the Library series will be Level II – Library Associate (equivalent to what a Library Clerk III is doing now).  Chief Library Clerks and Library Technical Assistants (LTA) are now the new Level III – Library Specialists, Library Technical Specialist (LTS) will now be Level IV – Senior Library Specialists, and Library Operations Assistants will now be Level V – Library Operations Associates (LOA).

    Levels I and II will be represented by AFSCME 3700 and Levels III and IV will still be represented by AFSCME 698. The Chief Library Clerks that will be part of the new Level III are still under discussion for representation.

    The Chief Library Clerks are at different salary levels than the LTAs. When we changed from using the three levels of the LC series to using two, some other campuses continued to use all three levels. We moved to the LTAs and LTSs. The Chief Library Clerks will have their own salary rate.

    LOA are still outside the bargaining unit and still in the open range classification.

    This is not a reclassification so all seniority transfers to the new titles. Also, the anniversary dates will not change. There will be no changes in pay at this time. The Level V employees may receive an increase, but that is under discussion. The Budget Group will look at the differences in salary levels between Level IV and Level V and determine if an increase is warranted due to compression issues.

    We currently have 10 Library Clerk II, 35 Library Clerk III, 4 Chief Library Clerk, 71 Library Technical Assistants, 43 Library Technical Specialists, 15 Library Operations Assistant, and 1 Library Preservation/Conservation Assistant.

    As far as series classifications, testing will stay the same and qualifications to test will stay the same. The staff will not have to re-test for the new series.

    Money has been set aside for reclassifications. Currently Library HR has asked for job descriptions from staff, which are due September 1. Cindy Kelly will do a paper audit on the job descriptions and determine which job descriptions have the biggest discrepancies. These positions will then be audited for a reclassification, There are some positions that have already been identified out as having staff whose duties are clearly outside their classification. These positions have been waiting for funds and they will be audited for reclassification.

    Staff can challenge their new level after October 1. Those inquiries will go to Personnel Services Office to determine if a changed needs to be made.

    Cindy Kelly will lead an information session for staff in September to explain the new series and answer any questions.

  2. Emergency Coverage – BurgerIt was determined that CAMELS will no longer cover emergencies, but will only be available for cyclical needs. Each division will be expected to provide emergency coverage for the Main Library, Communications Library, Labor and Industrial Relations Library, and City Planning and Landscape Architecture Library. Each division will be assigned four two-week periods when they will be responsible for covering emergencies.

    Sandy Wolfe will provide training for anyone who wants it.

    Bob Burger will revise the Proposal and develop a call roster.

  3. Strategic Planning Process – KaufmanCurrently the process is that the Strategic Plan is revised every five years by a Strategic Planning Committee. The Committee consists of representation from each division. The group had many meetings and had lots of input. It would be the role of the committee over the next four years to keep watch over the plan and make sure nothing fell between the cracks.

    President White is creating a strategic plan for the University of Illinois, titled “creating a brilliant future for the University of Illinois.” Each of the three campuses will be asked to create a strategic plan that will be due by the end of 2005. Then each academic unit, which includes the Library, will have to draft a plan that derives from the campus plan which is supposed to be derivative from the University system plan by the end of this academic year. We have no instruction yet, but Paula Kaufman guesses that the form and format that we will be asked to do will be really different from the plan we already have.

    This forces the issue as to what process we should use and what the Administrative Council’s role should be in this. The Executive Committee will be looking at what its role should be. This is a good time to look at the whole structure we’ve used for strategic planning and see if the committee structure we have is too resource intensive. Can AC and EC develop a plan that is strategic, bold and brief? Should the plan come from the bottom up or middle, across and down?

    The UIUC’s draft plan has six points: Create an infrastructure to support everything that‘s in the plan, understanding interdisciplinary, health and wealth, energy and sustainability, social and behavioral sciences, look how we solve society’s problems, and knowledge of the arts and humanities being brought to bear on our understanding of global issues. We should talk about what level plan we want; how much detail and how much involvement of everyone we need to have.

    One idea was that we do an environmental scan and look at strategic directions as much as a “ strategic plan.” A lot of input from the membership early on would be important, and the committee’s job would be to provide leadership and to look at direction and do further environmental trends.

    Another idea was to do an environmental scan and then a general session for everyone to prioritize with maybe some small breakout sessions. The committee would then come up with a plan with the top priorities.

    It was suggested that we have a large meeting, but a small group do the writing, followed by another large meeting for input. There should be communication so everyone knows what the procedure will be. Also it might be a good idea to hire a consultant to assist in the process.

    The question about implementation came up. Do we need a committee to make sure the plan is implemented? What accountability will everyone have? If we don’t assign tasks will they get accomplished?

    Should we be looking further down the road than five years?

    This discussion will continue at further meetings.

  4. Updates and AnnouncementsHow did clean-up day go? Everyone thought it was a great idea and appreciated the pizza. We might want to look at other times during the year to do this.

    Paula visited UGL’s new classroom. It looks great and should be ready when classes start. 66 Library also looks great and should be ready when classes start.

    August 19, New Faculty reception with GSLIS from 4:00-6:00pm outside 126 GSLIS. GSLIS has four new faculty and most of our new faculty will be there.