August 12, 2019 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

August 12, 2019428 Library

Agenda Details




August 12, 2019


428 Library




  1. 2-2:30pm – AULs
  2. Approve minutes – July 2, 2019 and July 22, 2019
  3. Question Time
  4. Final strategic plan discussion 
  5. Research Challenges Report 
  6. Update Committee Assignments





Minutes Details





August 12, 2019


428 Library


Present: Dean Wilkin, chair, David Ward, vice-chair;; Lynne Rudasill, Bill Mischo, Bill Maher, Cherié Weible, Chris Prom, Tom Teper, Lynne Thomas, Nancy O’Brien, Recording-Lucretia Williams


  1. Approve minutes – July 2, 2019 and July 22, 2019

Minutes were approved as amended with a motion from Lynne Rudasill, seconded by Lynne Thomas


  1. Question Time

Dean Wilkin gave an update on the budget. Things are currently being loaded into Banner, with changes as needed. Wilkin is working with Greg Knott to prepare the budget for discussion with EC, reflecting categories of expenditure. It will show free balances and reflect new investments proposed in the annual report and budget. Our flexibility will be greater because we didn’t take a reduction. We will hold new positions guide the addition of positions with the strategic plan. There are some exceptions: we did request support for positions and we’ve been given that support, so we may move ahead with some of those positions; we should also move ahead with positions where there is a clear and urgent need. Wilkin has asked the AULs to take the lead in shaping new investments, guided by the strategic plan and the operational needs.


EC requested statistics on the last 3-5 years—what positions have been filled and what categories (e.g., type of positions and areas of work), the number of searches that have either failed or have not gotten the candidates that we wanted.  BHRSC will work to assemble as much of this as possible.


Dean Wilkin noted that for the salary program this year, as with last year, we added Library funds to what was allocated to us from the Provost’s Office. As is usually the case, we make equity and compression adjustments where possible.


A personnel matter was discussed.


The dean wishes to remind everyone that the search process for professional positions results in a recommendation to the dean, rather than the selection of a candidate, and the language in the narrative should reflect this.


The classification of IT positions was discussed.


The state capital allocation was discussed.


  1. Final strategic Plan discussion – David Ward

Chris Prom is seeking final advice to see if there were any edit suggestions.  A meeting was planned for later in the week.



  1. AUL’s

Chris Prom – Digital Strategy Advisory – Information exchange: To share digital project and information technology needs with the AUL and each other, and to serve as a conduit for strategic initiatives back to the divisions. Would like to have a liaison or advisory group that Chris will meet with a couple of times a year to discuss issues that come from either the divisions themselves or from units and also to communicate things that are happening in IT. Focusing on information exchange areas of where we can improve our processes a little bit with IT. Also to think about when possible if we have ideas out that are floating around about new services or new technology that we might be able to adopt.

  • Process improvement: To advise on cross functional process or work flow needs that could provide efficiencies or better serve their purpose
  • Prioritization:  To offer advice concerning areas for strategic growth and investment, in light of the Library’s strategic goals.
  • Information exchange: To share digital project and information technology needs with the AUL and each other, and to serve as an conduit for strategic initiatives back to the divisions

Chris was asked how this new group would relate to CAPT. He explained that this is not intended to be a formal policy setting group or a group that advises on specific technologies. This is more for informational exchange. Chris will move forward assembling the committee.

Chris Prom is supporting Michael Norman with the ILS migration, working through a number of issues with CARLI.

Chris is working with Tracy Tolliver on an IT staffing and budget analysis.  Tracy is also working to ensure that we have tracked classifications, as the University moves toward Civil Service Professional classifications, for some of the new IT jobs.  These will support the range of IT positions that the Library requires, given current operational, research, and programmatic needs.



Cherié Weible – Building Construction –  

HPNL construction is complete and on schedule. Work on room 200 will start August 15, 2019 on the north end and this will be a phased project and the smallest middle section and then the south end. First floor service point is the next project. Greg and Cherié will send an email out about noise, disruption, etc. We are still planning on a launching the new service point in January after winter break. We let Dennis Craig know that we can’t have anything going on during finals week.

ACES is using gift fund to build offices for the additional staff.

A personnel issue was discussed

Regarding the ILS migration, we be able to test the circulation module later this year.

Tom Teper-

Acquisitions and Cataloging Services is currently facing staffing challenging and Tom is working on an interim strategy. The building project is moving along. Comments and feedback were assembled to help finalize a preferred conceptual model from the three scenarios.

We received the first set of drawings for the Special Collections Research Center on Friday, and they have been shared in the division

We are working with Campus Planning, Spurlock, and Krannert to develop a plan for a shared storage facility.


  1. Update Committee Assignments- Lucretia

Work was done to try to finalize committee appointments.