April 7, 2014 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

April 7, 20141:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.                  1:30-2:00 AULs
a.      AUL Evaluations
2.                  2:00-2:30-Beth Woodard and Tom Teper-search update
3.                  Approve Minutes from March 24
4.                  Question Time
5.                  Reviewers for P&T case
6.                  Unretreat Report – CMS/Web Presence
7.                  Retirement – Barbara Ford (emerita status?)
8.                  AP Investigation Time Survey Report
9.                  Library Ballots

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair; Bill Mischo, vice-chair, John Wagstaff, secretary; Tim Cole, Mary Laskowski, Nancy O’Brien, Carissa Phillips, Chris Prom, Jennifer Teper; Visitors-Beth Namachchivaya, Sue Searing, Tom Teper, Recording – Kim Matherly


1:30-2:00 AULs

AUL Evaluations

The AULs will get their report to EC by April 21. Bill will send them out to LibNews for responses.

EC and the AULs discussed mechanisms for the way people are assigned to go to different conferences, workshops, meetings, etc. Often there is a limit to the number of people the Library can send or the meeting is only open to the UL or his designee. It was determined that the Library carefully select individuals based on the agenda of the meeting and/or based on the best person to represent the Library.
2:00-2:30-Beth Woodard and Tom Teper-search update
EC discussed the positions that have been approved and need search committees. Individuals were nominated for the different search committees and Tom will invite them to serve.

Beth informed the committee that the Search Procedures Manual is available at G://SPM. If anyone has trouble access the folder let Beth know. She still needs EC to approve the Interview document.
Approve Minutes from March 24
The minutes were approved with changes by a motion from John Wagstaff, seconded by Jennifer Teper.
Question Time
EC discussed the membership for the AUL for IT search. All members have been invited.

The difficulties with Purchasing were brought up. John is aware of the issues and has had conversations with University Administration regarding these issues.

Reviewers for P&T case
Reviewers were suggested.

Unretreat Report – CMS/Web Presence
EC spoke briefly about the report and will continue to discuss it at the next meeting.
Emeritus status was discussed for retiring faculty.

AP Investigation Time Survey Report
This was deferred to another meeting.

Library Ballots

This was deferred to another meeting.