April 4, 2019 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

April 4, 2019

Agenda Details


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IAS Staff Meeting

April 4, 2019

Present: Mia Adams, Atoma Batoma,  Kit Condill, Bella Irvine, Lisa Renee Kemplin, Shuyong Jiang, Laila Hussein Moustafa, Joe Lenkart, Xiaoping Qi, Lynne Rudasill, and Mara Thacker

Announcements & Accolades:

  1. Antonio received an RPC grant for his project entitled “An inventory of sport coverage in early 20th century Cuban press.”
  2. Please let Lisa Renee know if any of your student workers will be graduating at the end of the semester.
  3. Atoma announced that MJ and George will be attending the next Division Meeting to talk about the new structure in CAM/ACQ.


  1. Kit shared information from the last CDC meeting. With the migration from Voyager to Alma there may be an early deadline for purchases in FY20. This will help with the closing down of the Voyage accounts. The deadline for expenditures may be moved up to January/February 2019. Tom needs lists of desiderata materials for purchase by April 16. Reminder that these should be E-resources, one time purchases, over $5,000, and from established vendors.
  2. Update on Bookeye scanner replacement. We are proposing fuding one half of purchase by donor, Larry Miller with ½ of maintenance cost covered by Zirin fund for the first 5 years. There is then a 6 month grace period of maintenance. The continued cost for maintenance for the 6th year is $1,800. The Zirin fund would be used for continued maintenance. We are waiting for a response from the library.
  3. Mara shared the latest SOAR report for the Strategic Planning Committee. The draft is due tomorrow to Miranda and Clara who may return with edits. Thanks for participation in meeting and sending revisions. All thanked Mara for her work on report. Suggestion that the IAS report be accessible from the Division Website and possible blog post on the history/expertise of IAS on IAS website. Mia will work on updating Division website.  Suggestion for IAS retreat to discuss unit goal setting.
  4. Upcoming IAS events include an author talk on April 13 at 2:30 in Rm 321 and a Research Spotlight featuring an solar car on April 17 at 2pm in Rm 220 and outside UGL.

Round Robin: 

SJ: Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago, CEAPS, and Shuyong for TRCCS are organizing a workshop lecture in the fall.

LHM: Still waiting on information from the State Department on travel to Sudan. Have been encouraged to apply for travel to Mauritania and participating in a faculty mentoring program.

MT: Attended Association of Asian Studies in Denver a few weeks ago. The South Asian Archive is almost live. It will appear in JSTORE and will be searchable. South Asian Studies is losing three more faculty to other institutions.

AB: New to PTA committee. Will be attending meeting in LA, CA in May for the African Librarian Council. Recently appointed Committee Chair and will be organizing meeting. Working with the Center for African Studies for the next film festival. Teaching course on African Studies Bibliography.

KC: MSELC will take place June 6, 7, and 8. Working with Masha on planning for conference. Pending funding, there will be a conference in late September on US/Russia Library Dialogue. This will include 10 librarians from Russia and 10 librarians from the US. This is a joint venture with the iSchool.

BI: Recently attended and presented at conference in Florida on working with ILL librarians. Also provided an on-line workshop for ILL librarians.

JL: Proud of work Erika and Bella did at recent conference. Working on Title VIII grant which is due early next month. The State Department may visit in early June. The Reference Management Team is reviewing the library GA orientation using feedback from survey from GA’s. Also working on Summer Lab.

XQ: Received 30 new Chinese yearbooks and pulled the older versions. Currently have 4 boxes of new books in CAM.

LR: The Illinois Global Institute should be real this fiscal year. They are currently looking to hire a Communication Director.

LRK: Hiring for fall and summer. Only one spot left for fall. Need more staff for summer.  Feel free to send any UG students you may know. Update: since this meeting I received 5 more summer applications. Working on upcoming events. 

Upcoming IAS Events:

April 13            Author Talk                                            2:30-3:30pm        Rm 321

April 17            Research Spotlight w/UGL                 2-3pm                    Rm 220/outside

June 7             International Resource Fair                2-3pm                    Rm 220

June 6-8          MSELC Conference                             all day/evenings   Various Locations

June 20           Slavic Lab Reception                           2-3pm                     Rm 309