April 30, 2013 Meeting of Content Access Policy & Technology (CAPT)

Time and Location of Meeting

April 30, 20131:30 pm - 3:00 pm 323c Main Library

Agenda Details


1. Atlas/Aeon Collections management system conversation: RBML proposes to take the lead w/IT on implementation (M. Stromberg, V. Hotchkiss) 40 minutes
(note: please review the attached Aeon brochure for more information about the Aeon system functions that support user/curator interactions to accommodate access to special collections materials)
2. Primo Web-scale discovery implementation team report (J. Emanuel)
Licensing the development instance of Primo—contract questions resolved?
3. Web Content Advisory group update (S. Searing)

Minutes Details


Tom Teper, Beth Sandore Namachchivaya, Lisa Hinchliffe (came in later), , Lynn Wiley,  Bill Mischo, Jim Dohle, Sue Searing; Beth Woodard : guests-  Valerie Hotchkiss and Marten Stromberg


  • Aeon: Marten provided an overview about Aeon

Currently RBML utilizes all paper forms to track users and collection use: statistics  and user access labor intensive and not enhanced for optimal use. Noted that there is a higher volume of users coming in now and that the security and tracking available is a critical need for the collection.  Aeon will allow researchers to plan for their use of the RBML collections including for classroom instruction. Instructors and researchers will have their own account to save information on what they have used to reuse again and they can integrate that at their own desktop with other collection records used. Aeon also can keep class lists to be kept and referred to as needed by Instructors and Faculty.
Aeon will check people in the reading room with use correlated with camera date/time stamps if needed. Preservation work may be prioritized based on use.
Technology: Aeon is offered with a hosted option, utilizes  Z39.50 and works with Vufind. Users could browse our catalog and then link out to AEON
CAPT noted need to move forward on AEON
An Aeon Team and IT was proposed to implement and manage this. Work to clear any potential on patron confidentiality issues already being done with CITES and Legal.
Implementation: Project team needs were discussed and key players identified.
A project team time line was also discussed that would also cover costs.
Those will be developed and sent to CAPT for approval.

  • Primo report: Bill Mischo reporting but note email update from M Norman below:
  • User testing ongoing and will continue for at least one more week. Users click on link to do the survey.
  • Use of Primo is increasing incrementally each week with most of the use still occurring through linking in from Easy Search.
  • William Weathers and Norman continue to work to improve Primo search and interface. William has completed adding all the ContentDM collections and IDEALS holdings gets added and updated each week. We are currently working to get Archon and Illinois Harvest fully represented in Primo as well.
  • Artstor was added into Primo Central Index a couple of weeks ago. Scopus should be coming soon.
  • The new custom tile is in place thanks to good work from Bill, Robert, William and Jay. Works much better, search suggestions and recommendations are easier to see, and it has helped increased faster performance for searches.
  • Still looking to see if  Sand Box is a possibility. As we discussed at the last CAPT meeting, we think we have the funds but need to be aware of procurement rules

More details from Bill:

Custom tile even better  used to be PRIMO to ES Tile but now asynchronous tile loading right as PRIMO does for things like suggestions and results  response time much better as a result. Tile is set up To save results from previous. Lot of suggestions are there: (NATURE for example)  . Spell check now there,
Author search  (Bill gave examples (combining forms of names) Name authority in Voyager are looking at LC name authority   not good way to use this yet. Tim Cole doing the German Natl bibliog for Emblematica…also OCLC name registry Also more authors registering with ORCID
Updates included a discussion on  the two visiting positions associated with Primo – programmer position and visiting metadata position. A recommendation was made to move to update positions AULS will take changes to to EC for approval.


3.  Web Content Advisory group update (S. Searing)

Sure gave an update on web content advisory group and passed on a revised charge for review. CAPT discussed this and Sue will send out edited changes after the meeting (see MAY CAPT meeting)

Membership issues were reviewed as some are chairs of committees so how to rotate the was discussed.

Scope of WAG was  reviewed as how consistent web pages should be for example Gateway or CMS overall format? And nonCMS ?  Discussed those and suggested WAG focus on tasks at hand and not a group that makes content decisions. Sue will make changes and then appoint group.