April 28, 2022 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

April 28, 2022

Agenda Details


LSSC Meeting Agenda 04-28-22

  1. Approve February Minutes
  2. Liaison & Committee Reports
  • C. meeting
    1. EC Monday, next invite is 05-23-22 at 2pm
      1. Shared topics for EC:
        1. LCP & LSSC gave general updates
        2. For next time: Questions? Agenda topics?
      2. Mini-grants & Robert Howerton Scholarship drafting
      3. Membership & upcoming elections
        1. Send call for self-nominations
        2. Library Committees Vacancies: Library Committees Form May 15, 2021
  • Anticipated changes
  1. Transitional Team for LSSC Leadership
  • Conference CSE coordination: announcement sent – honorees registered!
    1. RFS commenced – schedule optional brown bag
    2. Documenting Process (HR changes proposed)
    3. Update website
  • Invitation for Admin liaisons (May/June)
  1. Other questions/topics:
    1. Spring LSSC drop-in hour – thank you Karen & Kim!
    2. Staff Concerns & Feedback
    3. Special Collections Building update
    4. COVID-19 updates
    5. Other Updates / Comments

Minutes Details


Attendees for April 28, 2022 zoom meeting

Jan Adamczyk (Area Studies)
Kristen Blankenship (CPS)
Bernadette Braun (Physical Sciences)
Erik Chapman (Life Sciences)
Julia Cross (Residential Hall Libraries)
Karen Huck (Arts & Humanities)
Kim Hutcherson (Administration)
Tony Hynes (Special Collections)
Rachael Johns (Technical Services)
Michelle Self-Ballard (Central Public Services)
Jessica Sommers (Law)
Dulcie Vermillion (Social Sciences)


Approve March Minutes:  Approved

Liaison Reports and Updates:

Administration:   Jake Culbertson is the new Facility Operations Coordinator effective May 2.  Chad Lewis is the new Grants and Contracts Coordinator effective May 16.

Administrative Council:  LSSC liaison wasn’t able to attend the AC meeting.  They met April 18th to discuss a proposal for Zoom teaching space from the MUGL Instruction Spaces Follow Up implementation team and to discuss the future structure of AC based on the recommendations of the Inclusion in Governance Task Force.

Area Studies:  Guest:  George Gottschalk; Discussed Tom Teper’s efforts  on DEIA acquisitions initiative, discussed ordering materials directly from minority, women’s publishing, etc. with questions such as are we able to process all these books, are catalogers able to process timely and into the collection, etc.

Arts & Humanities:  Discussed the Collection Development reduction which is 1.5% instead of 3%, not a budget cut, flat reduction due to expense increase.  Discussed ordering materials directly from minority, women’s publishing, etc. Talked about E-Books (Arts & humanities not specialized in the E-Books).  Did not get the residency librarian.  Discussed the merger with UGL and talking about food policies, noise policies, vending machines.  Expresso will remain open through fall 2022.  Lit & Lang is involved in the reading Day event (Res Hall).  Ricker getting fixed from water leak from last snowstorm.  There is a poetry display in June at Lit & Lang.

Central Public Services:  Re-branding different spaces and groups based on building projects, and how materials are moving/circulating, collection development didn’t have to take the cuts that were modeled.  Receiving a lot of transfers.  Round robin:  wayfinding efforts;  patrons being helped with services/spaces (tours)  mapping & signage (scholarly commons)

Law:  Discussed Tech services invoicing and alma, A lot of PO’s didn’t switch over.  Interviewing for 2 reference librarians search (2 candidates so far).

Life Sciences:   CDC Modeling for Inflation (Sarah and Mike) – Asked to model for 3.5% budget reduction but campus gave us inflation money.  Now need to cover 1.4%.  Getting more requests for Protocols/Video/Libguide subscriptions.  Suggestion that CDC develop some policy or coordinated response that we could look, would be very helpful for fund managers.  Discussed Nature publishing agreements and that it should be more transparent that we are part of BTAA and what that means.  Discussed protocols and making libguide for finding them and easier to respond to requests for JoVe.  Possibly include locally created material and one tab for text resources, one for video.  Janis discussed an event to partnership with McKinley called Eat all the Colors event to encourage intuitive eating and mindfulness around food and eating.  Outreach & Engagement – reading group coming up; LibInsights is replacing Desk Tracker in FY24 (phased out over 2 years), Teaching & Learning Task Force – conducting an inventory of existing instruction programs.  Discussed the Library Diversity Residency search Org Development & Training – continuing to work on supervisor competency checklist and aiming to roll that out in fall; shared Governance Implementation Group – will aim for a committee that spans all classifications, interim name is “Library Council”

Physical Sciences:  Did not meet.  2 candidates for the head of Grainger, interviews starting soon.

Res Hall:  Event on Reading Day, Lit Lang, IAS, Preservation build a book event.  OEC grant funding for the event.  ALA grant submitted for libraries affected by COVID, will find out in June. Summer, ISR closed.  Ike library Monday-Friday TBD on hours.

Social Studies: Did not meet.  Sent information by email.  Chris Prom – liaison for teaching and learning task force is requesting feedback for what people are doing, what should be doing.  Consolidating library guides and standard instruction videos for common questions.  Discussing instruction that could be incorporated for certain student groups, international grad students.  Academic review feedback was done individually.

Special Collections:  Town hall meeting yesterday.

Technical Services:  Didn’t meet.

Preservation:  Selected to have a Diversity Librarian for Preservation.  Preservation Week outreach events are today and tomorrow with Shelby Strommer.  David ward is surveying instructional support in the library – strength in the areas of the library, or suggested needs, report to your liaison.

Other News: LSSC Meeting Agenda 04-28-22

  • Reaching forward south commenced. ALA participants shared.
    • Will schedule optional brown bag – late July/early august Room 106
  • Elections coming up in June.
    • Transitional Team for LSSC Leadership
    • Suggestion to add a Treasure to LSSC
      1. This will help with the Mini-grants
      2. Mini-grants, Robert Howerton Scholarship drafting
        1. Edit and then send to awards committee to review
  • Documenting Process (HR changes proposed)
  • Update website
  • Drop-in hours on going.

May meeting canceled.  Sending Committee liaison reports.

LSSC Special meeting with Dean John Wilkin and Susan Breakenridge scheduled for May 19, 2022.

Next LSSC Zoom meeting:  June 23, 2022.