April 28, 2014 Meeting of Content Access Policy & Technology (CAPT)

Time and Location of Meeting

April 28, 20143:00 pm Main Library, Room 428

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Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Tom Teper, Beth Sandore, Sue Searing, Robert Slater, Bill Mischo, Lisa Hinchliffe


CAPT proposal for Primo/Webscale Discovery

[This discussion included some supporting documentation: recommendation to CAPT re Primo and DDST] Lisa presented the work of the Discovery and Delivery Study (DDS) Team: Bill Mischo, Lisa Hinchliffe, Michael Norman, Kirstin Dougan, and Sarah Williams. AULs, ULs, Michael and many other stakeholders have been consulted in preparing the recommendation, but ultimately the decision rests with CAPT. Ex Libris is unwilling to give us any more space without more money to continue growing our system (with even Voyager records), which puts us over the bid limit and into requiring an RFP just to expand the system minimally to keep it functional.

A draw down of Primo would be completed by August. If CAPT wants to pursue these recommendations, the DDS group would have a more complete timeline ready for CAPT’s next meeting.

The DDS team may pull in additional people as resource members to contribute their knowledge, but the goal is to keep the core group small enough to be nimble, with it being expanded only to include a representative of Library IT. The possibility of having several advisory councils created to gather wider input and feedback that then report to the core DDS team was raised, but CAPT felt that might still slow down process. Instead, more informal participation as “resource members” for DDS will be encouraged, with those members invited to only those DDS meetings that the resource members have a particular insight on.

CAPT is in agreement with the DDST report that we should sunset Primo at the end of our three year agreement.

CAPT is in agreement with the DDST report that the DDST team should have its charge and membership modified to focus on a RFP/RFI for a Webscale Discovery System

Removing Classic Catalog Link from the Gateway

We need to create a communication plan, as well as to create some instructional materials/documentation. Communication should include to CARLI (so they know there may be some shift in our traffic), as well as to the (university, not just library) faculty. Lisa and Michael will present that plan to CAPT at our next meeting.

SFX Hosting Updates

Library IT had teleconferences/in person meetings with representatives from Emory (an EL customer), Ex Libris, and CARLI about SFX hosting options and experiences along with Jim Dohle, Jason Strutz, Jon Gorman, Robert Slater and (for some) Lynne Wiley.

CARLI does not write SLAs in general (and for SFX in particular). Cost to move/host with them would be $5000-$6000 for a one time conversion (to any new host), maintaining our license, plus an additional $2000-$3000 for hosting.

Ex Libris has contractual agreements (regarding things like uptime) but there were some issue with their approach to updates/backups that gave Library IT pause. Cost to move/host with them would be $5000-$6000 for a one time conversion (to any new host), maintaining our license, and $13,000-$15,000 for hosting (as opposed to 2-3 for CARLI).