April 25, 2019 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

April 25, 201911:00 am - 12:30 pm Main Library 225b

Agenda Details


  1. Welcome Julia!
  2. Approve March Meeting Minutes
  3. Liaison Reports and Updates
  4. Reaching Forward South / ALA
    1. Select LSSC Reviewer for ALA scholarship
    2. Next Steps
    3. Preparing for next year
  5. Library Potluck
  6. Other Comments and Updates

Minutes Details


Erik Chapman (Life Sciences)
Lonnie E. Clark (Central Public Services)
Julia Cross (Residence Hall Libraries)
Angie Gruendl (Physical Sciences & Engineering)
Courtney Horry (Area Studies)
Kim Hutcherson (Administrative Services)
Tony Hynes (Special Collections)
Ben Riegler (Central Public Services)
Gennye Varvel (Social Sciences)
Shoshana Vegh-Gaynor (Arts & Humanities)


Welcome Julia!: Julia will represent Residence Hall Libraries. Angie will submit a ticket to have Julia added to the LSSC e-mail distribution list.

Approve March Meeting Minutes: Approved with amendments.

Liaison Reports and Updates:

Administrative Services: No updates

Area Studies: Met with MJ Han and George Gottschalk. Discussed language needs for the collection. Clara Chu wanted to share that civil service staff are welcome to attend the upcoming Strategic Planning Retreat on May 14th, 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m., room 200 Main Library, https://uiuc.libcal.com/calendar/staff/?cid=5238&t=d&d=2019-05-14&cal=5238.

Arts & Humanities: Discussed strategic planning. Head of Ricker interviews are being scheduled.

Central Public Services: Discussed strategic planning. CPS is close to finalizing the strategic plan document. Discussed plans for room 220. An architectural firm has been hired. Envision it being a digital scholarship space. Eventually Scholarly Commons may move down to the space. Discussed future use of the space. Ideas for the future Main Library space may be piloted in 220. Currently, there is not a timeline for completion of the room 220 project. Jim Hahn will finish the fourth floor of Stacks video tour. He is looking for funding to finish other parts of the building. David Ward talked about destress fest at UGL. The 50th anniversary of UGL is coming up. They want to create a centralized/unified academic support center at UGL. UGL is piloting a high-end tech loan program. This will be rolled out in the fall.

Life Sciences: Discussed strategic planning. LCAP talked about AP promotion. LSD put forth two nominations for outstanding graduate assistant. One of LSD’s nominees, Sharon Han, won the award.

Physical Sciences and Engineering: No updates.

Residence Hall: Giveaways and the golf cart bookmobile were successful. Starting to weed the collection. Next year will be going from four locations to two. Have put an offer out to a grad student. Will have two grad students rather than three for next year.

Social Sciences: No updates. An offer has been made for the Visiting Information Science Librarian position. Still interviewing for the Social Sciences Research Librarian position.

Special Collections: University Archives, RBML, Student Life, Map Library, ALA Archives, and Sousa met with Dean Wilkin. Division was encouraged to voice their desires and needs for the building project. Met with Tom Teper and Jeff Schrader and took a tour of the UGL space. Tom and Jeff do not foresee major problems moving special collections to the UGL space.

Technical Services: No updates.

Administrative Council:</strong> No updates.

Faculty Meeting: Secured a design firm and architectural firm for the building project. Discussed Kanopy streaming video and the high-end technology loans. https://www.library.illinois.edu/staff/committee/library-faculty-meeting/

Reaching Forward South / ALA:

Reaching Forward South: There are four people who have decided not to drive themselves. A car has been reserved and a driver has been identified. There is a seat available as one person is unable to attend, and the ticket has been purchased. After the conference, we will seek input from attendees about Reaching Forward South and decide next steps.

Select LSSC Reviewer for ALA scholarship: Ben Riegler has volunteered. Greg Knott will represent Administration and Kyle McCafferty will be the staff member at-large.

Next Steps: After the review is completed, Erik will send an email with information on how to proceed.

Preparing for next year: LSSC will need to start on ALA in January.

Library Potluck: Cindy Ingold, chair of the Diversity Committee, has asked if LSSC would like to work with them on the potluck.

Other Comments and Updates: Cristina Kuhn’s goal is to work on the EC travel funds e-email before the May meeting.

Minutes for the building project working groups are available, https://www.library.illinois.edu/staff/committee/the-library-as-catalyst-project-managing-the-librarys-collections-wg/ and https://www.library.illinois.edu/staff/committee/the-library-as-catalyst-project-programming-the-main-library-building-wg/.

At the May meeting, will need to look at members whose terms are expiring in June.