April 24, 2017 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

April 24, 20171:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1. Approve minutes from April 21
2. Question Time
3. Personnel issue
4. Agenda for AULs at 5/8 meeting
5. Digital Humanities Needs Assessment WG – final report
6. 1st Floor Planning Group – extension for final report, May 30
7. Title for Position Request
8. RDS curator plans
9. PRC Assignments-note from FRC co-chairs

Minutes Details


Bill Mischo, chair; Nancy O’Brien, vice-chair; Mary Laskowski, secretary; Kirstin Dougan, Harriett Green, MJ Han, Lori Mestre, Ellen Swain; Recording-Kim Matherly


1.   Approve minutes from April 21
Minutes were approved as amended by a motion from Mary Laskowski, seconded by Kirstin Dougan.
2.   Question Time
Meeting with the Provost. Bill and John discussed Beth Namachchivaya’s departure. The Library will need to consider how to best cover Beth’s areas of responsibility both on a temporary and ongoing basis. Further discussion will take place with the AUL’s, Cabinet and Executive Committee.

Budget document – The Provost’s office is sympathetic to the Library’s inflation costs and the need for additional collections money.

Library Directors – it was suggested that the directors post upcoming deadlines and important dates to LON.

3.   Personnel issue

The issue was discussed

4.   Agenda for AULs at 5/8 meeting
Ask Beth to submit a more detailed list of what she does and any ideas the AULs have for covering Beth’s responsibilities. Also, campus groups or committees that Beth meets with or has any responsibility to.

The Framework for Strategic Action has been extended through December 2021. How should the Library approach the framework with that new date in mind? What should we be focusing on since we have more time?

FRC suggested that due to the new reporting lines, the AULs should not be assigned to PRCs in the future, but should finish out any committees they are currently on. What do the AULs think about that?

5.   Digital Humanities Needs Assessment WG – final report
EC accepted the report and will post it for comment.

6.   1st Floor Planning Group – extension for final report, May 30
EC approved the extension.

7.   Title for Position Request
JoAnn Jacoby and Greg Knott will be invited to a future meeting.
8.   RDS curator plans 
EC approved the job description.

9.   PRC Assignments-note from FRC co-chairs

This issue will be added to the next AUL agenda.