April 23, 2020 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

April 23, 2020

Agenda Details


LSSC Meeting Agenda 4/23/20

  1. Consider notes from March as minutes?
  2. Liaison reports and updates
  • Diversity Committee/LSSC Potluck for June- Cancel?
  1. Dean Wilkin attending our May 28th meeting?
  2. Call for nominations in May
    1. Courtney (Area studies) leaving?
    2. Lonnie, Ben (CPS) and Tony (SCD) terms end in June
    3. Erik (LSD) term ends in July
    4. Still have opening for Social Sciences
  3. COVID-19 updates
  • Other questions/topics

Minutes Details


Kim Hutcherson (Administration)
Courtney Horry (Area Studies)
Katie Ebeling (Visiting)
Sarah Bial (Arts & Humanities)
Lonnie Clark (Central Public Service)
Ben Riegler (Central Public Services)
Jessica Sommers (Law)
Erik Chapman (Life Sciences)
Bernadette Braun (Physical Sciences)
Julia Cross (Residential Hall Libraries)
Tony Hynes (Special Collections)
Brian Clark (Technical Services)
Rachael Johns (Technical Services)


Approve March Minutes: Approved with no corrections.

Liaison Reports and Updates:

Administration:  No report.

  • Administrative Council: No meeting.

Area Studies:  Discussed research presentations; MJ Han mentioned that ACS collections has two staff being trained on foreign collections; discussion on what impact reinforcing original cataloging services would have, and if there is a need to expand foreign language collection; backlog is being reviewed, and once location has been determined, moving items from stacks.


Arts & Humanities:  Michael Norman talked about ALMA/Primo zoom sessions, how to train faculty, and that there will be no overlap from Voyager to ALMA/Primo.  Room 220 renovations continuing. There were some service and safety concerns and no answers were provided.

Central Public Services:  No meeting.

  • Faculty Meeting:No report.
  • Central Access Services: Physical retrieval this week for 1 ½ days with three staff members.
  • Undergraduate Library: No report.

Law: Reference Librarian to start mid-June.

Life Sciences:  Search Committees:  Head, Scholarly Commons – job description did not address Life Sciences.  Talking with Dean and other committees

  • Funk ACES: Construction on hold.  Hired GA’s for Fall.  A book retrieval happening this week with hand-off to Cherie’ at the Main Library.

Physical Sciences and Engineering: No meeting.

  • Grainger and Math: Grainger meeting this week regarding print items that are essential for continuing instruction and COVID-19 research.  Grainger also has helpers come in for call-slips, next week is pick-up material by appointment.  No concerns with PPE.  Math – attending the ALMA/Primo meetings on zoom and discussing mapping policies.

Residence Hall: Closed locations, not opening for summer.  Asking different units how Fall is looking in order to determine impact and potential options to serve patrons.

Special Collections: Discussion on remote work.  Digitization/Preservation to set collection in place, not sure who what or where at this time.  Discussion on how on demand scanning & access to materials, special collections not having a location pick up site.

Technical Services:  Michael Norman Primo training, Janelle Sander Alma training.

  • Preservation: Shelby Strommer organizing Preservation Week 2020, April 27-May 1, offering a variety of virtual programming
  • ACS: Training for ALMA/Primo

Upcoming Events

  • Potluck with Diversity Committee has been cancelled. Possible social distancing event when we return to normal operating schedule.

Other news, comments, and updates:

  • What do others think about the new circulation policy
    • All employees have a 4-week circulation period. Staff no longer have 16-week circulation period.
      • This is ALMA wide and not intentional to staff.
      • Still can go in and adjust due date.
      • Poor timing
      • Need a formal policy
    • Call for nominations in May – Ben will send an email for nominations/volunteers:
      • Courtney Horry (Area studies)
      • Lonnie Clark, Ben Riegler (CPS) and Tony Hynes (SCD) terms end in June
      • Erik Chapman (LSD) term ends in July
      • Still have opening for Social Sciences

Next meeting: May 28th Zoom meeting with Dean Wilkin

  • Prepare questions/staff concerns