April 19, 2010 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

April 19, 20101:30 am - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


1) Proposed calendar and email conversion (Steele)

2) Services Team Report (Wiley)

3) July 4 Library Hours (Walter)

4) Working Group on Consistent Hours for Summer 2010 (Walter)

Minutes Details


Scott Walter, chair, Tony Hynes, Mary Laskowski, Bill Mischo (for Tina Chrzastowski), Lisa Romero, Scott Schwartz, Marek Sroka, Tom Teper, Scott Walter, David Ward, Greg Youngen; visitors – Peggy Steele, Lynn Wiley, Beth Woodard; recording – Kim Matherly


1)   Proposed calendar and email conversion (Steele)

Library IT is working with CITES on migration of the Library’s Oracle calendar users from Oracle calendar and Express email to MS Exchange/MS Outlook 2007 for both calendar and email services. The proposed date for the changeover is June 14, 2010. Although the Library and CITES still have a few issues to resolve, it is likely the migration will take place on or very close to this date. There are approximately 280 Oracle calendar users in the Library who will be affected. It is likely that the remaining Library staff who don’t have Oracle calendars will migrate to Exchange/Outlook for email later in the calendar year.

You may remember an announcement about this time last year that Oracle calendar had reached its end of life in terms of support from the vendor. Express mail is due to reach end of life in December 2010. With both products at this point in their lifecycles it is time to move on. CITES utilizes MS Exchange 2007 as a platform to provide both calendar and email services. We will use MS Outlook 2007 as the desktop client to access the Exchange services. There is also an Outlook web client available. This step will also position us for the next big move to MS Exchange 2010 in the not too distant future, when CITES will provide campus-wide communications services on this platform.

Library IT has created a calendar/email migration planning group to oversee the transition. Members of the planning group include: John Weible, Lee Galaway, Jason Hamilton, Lisa Hinchliffe, Donna Hoffman, Beth Woodard, and Peggy Steele. This group is working on a variety of issues, such as calendar and mailbox conversion timelines, staff training programs, and user support once the migration has been accomplished. In addition to general training for the Exchange/Outlook email and calendar products, we will also offer special training for those of you who manage calendars for administrators and for meeting rooms.

Please watch libnews for upcoming announcements with more details about the calendar/email migration. We will send out additional information as soon as possible.

2)   Services Team Report (Wiley)

Lynn will solicit feedback for other items to be added to the list.

3)   July 4 Library Hours (Walter)

A. July 4th Holiday – the Library will be closed on Sunday, July 4th, and Monday, July 5th

B. Summer II Finals – Summer II hours will continue through the conclusion of Summer II Finals on Saturday, August 7th. Library units with regular Saturday hours during Summer II should plan to be open their Summer II scheduled hours on Saturday, August 7th. Library units with no regular Saturday hours during Summer II will not be open on Saturday, August 7th.

4)   Working Group on Consistent Hours for Summer 2010 (Walter)

We will look for an uncomplicated approach that can be sustained. Summer hours should be decided quickly. Each Division Coordinator should send Scott the name of someone in their division who can be a member of the Working Group by Thursday, April 22. You don’t have to have someone on the Working Group if you choose not to.

5)   Academic Outreach

      The Office of Continuing Education will no longer support a GA in the Library to help with services to faculty and students associated with Academic Outreach. Merinda Hensley has served as the Library liaison to AO over the past 18 months and has communicated with them on a plan to scale back services designed for these users based on their decision to reduce their investment in supporting those services. She will describe these changes at an upcoming faculty meeting, and will disseminate an FAQ document through LIBNEWS to assist Library faculty and staff in managing future requests for services from OCE and/or AO faculty, staff, and students.

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