April 18, 2005 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

April 18, 20051:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Key Policy (previously distributed; copy attached)
    Outcome: Endorse Policy
    15 minutes
  2. Selecting New Team Members
    Outcome: Develop process for staffing another CAMELS-like team
    (We need to separate CAMELS work into two parts: covering for public-service unit emergencies and doing cyclically-predictable work)
    20 minutes
  3. Alumni Access to Licensed Data Bases (information to be distributed prior to the meeting)
    Kaufman (for K. Schmidt)
    Outcome: Review results of survey done among peers and develop strategies for pursuing similar results
    20 minutes
  4. AC’s Role in Carrying Out the Strategic Plan
    Outcome: Determine role
    20 minutes
  5. Updates and Announcements

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, Chair, Jan Adamczyk, Bob Burger, Lisa German, Janis Johnston, Tom Kilton, Betsy Kruger, Bill Maher, Bill Mischo (for Tina Chrzastowski), Beth Sandore, Diane Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Sue Searing, Karen Wei


  1. Key Policy – BurgerSome of the issues discussed included accountability, fee charges, communal keys, student keys, key control officer, locked keyboxes in each unit, and who notifies Libfacilities when someone adds a student or a student leaves.

    The policy will be revised and sent out to the committee for their input before the next meeting.

  2. Selecting New Team Members – KaufmanThe present CAMELS team is unable to do all that is asked of them. Options are to create another team or add members to the present team.

    Some of the problems currently are that in some divisions the same people are stepping in to help out. Everyone needs to be helping out. The Division Coordinators need to encourage unit heads to help fill in.

    Sandy Wolfe will be asked to attend Division meetings to talk about what CAMELS does. A meeting will be set up for staff to talk to Sandy about what CAMELS does.

    Paula will ask Becky Smith and Sandy Wolf to hold a forum for staff and supervisors to discuss teams and team membership, after which the Division Coordinators will send a list of names to Paula Kaufman of who is willing and appropriate to serve on CAMELS.

  3. Alumni Access to Licensed Data Bases – Schmidt, K.Alumni often ask how they can continue to get access to our licensed electronic products. This is an area we can consider for partnership with the Alumni Association and ask them to help fund this. Karen handed out a table listing other universities and what they offer to their alumni. Karen will get cost figures from a few of the vendors that have offered their products to alumni.
  4. AC’s Role in Carrying Out the Strategic Plan-KaufmanEC endorsed the goals not the actions. EC is updating the actions and serving an oversight role. AC will need to review the updated actions that lead to fulfillment of the goals. AC will also serve to update the goals yearly. They will also discuss who should be approached to carry out the goals. AC will coordinate the execution of the plan and decide priorities.

    At the next meeting the Committee will discuss how these processes will work

  5. Updates and AnnouncementsK. Schmidt – Karen provided a patron authorization matrix showing the access that various groups have to our library services and collections. The matrix was drafted by John Weible and reviewed in ERWG. Karen asked divisions to review this matrix and send questions and comments to her.

    Searing – Sandy Wolfe out the week of April 18.

    Burger – On May 23 two ARL Reps – Jim Self from the University of Virginia and Steve Hiller from the University of Washington – will be doing an Assessment workshop on Data Driven Decision Making. The Library faculty and staff are invited to attend a session at 9:30, 3 rd Floor Levis. Following will be a one hour meeting for unit heads. There will be other group meetings in the afternoon.

    Sandore – Mike Corn is hosted a CITES Security session and discussed new spam filters. Over the next few weeks he will be emailing to invite individuals to look and a web page that gives you directions for signing up for the spam filtering program. A training session for the library will be announced soon.