April 16, 2018 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

April 16, 2018

Agenda Details

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John Weible, chair; Susan Avery, Tom Habing, Joanne Kaczmarek, Greg Knott, Deborah Pfeiffer (LSSC), Chris Quinn, Lisa Romero, Mary Schlembach, Jeff Schrader, Sarah Williams, Tom Teper, Cherié Weible, Visitor – Leah Berti – Facilities and Services; Recording Kim Matherly


  1. Discussion about campus recycling – Leah Berti (F&S)

Leah shared a PowerPoint with AC—https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1KVFTf9U-QOi1n32MNINTlYnvgB0zhf-bnGjyQ5PNHOI/edit?usp=sharing.

Please refer to Slide 6 for the video explaining recycling on campus, Slide 12 for a link to the Illinois Climate Action Plan, and Slide 13 for contact information pertaining to requests for further information and recycling bin acquisition.

Some people have been told by the BSWs that all trash can be thrown together because it gets sorted before it goes to the landfill. That is not true. If it is not sorted at the time it is picked up, all of it will go to the landfill, so please make sure you are putting the right items into the right bins.

Any questions can be referred to Leah Berti at berti2@illinois.edu


  1. What to do about unattended items in libraries – Lisa Romero (Library Social Sciences Division)

The Library doesn’t have a policy pertaining to this. Different Libraries handle unattended items in different ways. If someone leave a bag and the Library staff are uncomfortable opening or moving it, they can call the non-emergency campus police number and have it picked up.

Each unit should determine how they will handle these items. Cherié is available for consultation, if needed.


  1. Library Building plans discussion – Dean Wilkin

The Feasibility study showed what is possible within a reasonable financial scope. It allowed the Library to kick off conversations when John came back in January. He spoke with EC about the idea and with Antoinette Burton (Director of IPHRH). He also spoke with Brent Roberts (Professor of Psychology) and Deans in relevant colleges—LAS, FAA, Media. He is also talking the LAS Humanities Council. He had a conversation with the Illinois State Historic Preservation Office. It has oversees historic structures. The Library has received approval from the Chancellor’s Capital Review Committee.

The plan to replace Stacks 1-5 is because they are the least functional and almost all of the collections in that range can be moved to Stacks 6. The question is, what can we do in this space?

The next step is to appoint a coordinator for the building project to manage activities, engage more people in the planning and to build a website to consolidate information internally and to campus. John plans to announce a coordinator in a week or so

John suggested it would probably take at least a year to determine what to put in the Stacks 1-5 space. John is happy to attend any division meetings to talk about the building project. This is a blank slate, an opportunity to address the needs of the Library. We’ll brainstorm what our needs and wants are and then prioritize. After that there will be a lot of specifics to figure out.

John encourages division to begin having conversations, envisioning what activities and services would be offered in the space.


  1. Other?

Sarah Williams wanted to know how other units are handling data services and what support they are receiving for data management.

Mary Schlemback stated that they are using Heidi Imker and suggested Sarah talk to Heidi.

John stated that it may be helpful to have a conversation about how this area is changing and how we are structured.

John asked if anyone wanted to talk about AULS. Members thought the Faculty meeting discussion was good.