April 16, 2015 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

April 16, 20151:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.                  Approve Minutes from April 6
2.                  Question Time
3.                  Agenda items for next meeting with AULs (4/27)
a.      9:15-9:30a – Strategic Plan with Lisa Hinchliffe
4.                  Appoint full professor FRC & PTA
5.                  Reviewers for P&T
6.                  Director, Coordinator Titles – Kirstin

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair; Kirstin Dougan, vice-chair; JoAnn Jacoby, secretary; Tim Cole, Lori Mestre, Bill Mischo, Lynne Rudasill (by phone), Jennifer Teper, Sarah Williams


1.                  Approve Minutes from April 6
Minutes were approved with changes by a motion from Jennifer Teper, second by Sarah Williams.
2.                  Question Time
A personnel issue was discussed.

Council of Deans (COD) continues to have a shortage of info about what we will do about the budget, because of state situation. They have been having discussions around the likelihood of budget reduction processes. Campus expects to see something from the state much later this year, but some decisions from campus this summer.

A retirement program is likely, but the Deans told the Provost, if we’re going to do this, he needs to make a decision soon. G-TAEP is a system that will be used to manage grad assistants and waivers. Grad assistants hired on grants and ICR based is real money, but nearly all other waivers are not real money passing from one unit to another. This is problematic because it is not real money and it isn’t managed like real money. The Library is an unusual case, because of our agreement with GSLIS, $600,000 of IT fees goes to our budget so that we can hire GAs from GSLIS. This is real money coming from the Library/IT fee that we can only spend on waivers for GAs. We almost always spend more than the $600,000.

John is working with the AULs to begin a process of modeling reductions. Greg Knott is working to align to the portfolios of the AULs, so they will have some sense of budgetary resources they have responsibility for. John asked them to model cuts at 1, 3, and 5%, with a target of 3%. They will look collectively at the things that come forward, focusing on meaningful items that align with our mission. The process will be looked at by EC.

Kirstin will send out a call for positions for the June hiring plan. First she will send out the form used for this process to get input regarding any changes that need to be made to the form. If a unit submits more than one position, they will need to list the priority for each position.

EC suggested that AC look at the way Division Coordinator’s GAs and hourlies are used and if there might be a better use. This will be added to AC’s agenda.

Emerita status was approved for a faculty member.

John announced that henceforth, when a committee has the ranking of candidates and those qualified, there will be coordination with ODEA to find out if any of the qualified candidates that didn’t make the cut are minorities. If they are they will get added back to the pool. There will be some formal language added to the search process to reflect how this was done.

Faculty meeting minutes were discussed. It was determined that the minutes should follow the style of the Faculty Senate minutes. Names are used to show who is presenting a topic, when a motion is made and when a question is asked. Summaries are used for topics being presented and answers to questions.

3.                  Agenda items for next meeting with AULs (4/22)
a.      9:15-9:30a – Strategic Plan with Lisa Hinchliffe – 40 min
b.      Thoughts to what we’re doing with the budget process in regards to the strategic plan – 20 min 
4.                  Appoint full professor FRC & PTA
Names were suggested.
5.                  Reviewers for Faculty Member
Names were chosen.
6.                  Director, Coordinator Titles – Kirstin

The document was approved. Kirstin will send it out.