April 16, 2012 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

April 16, 20121:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


1.   Discussion of Academic Hourly Employees (Mary Laskowski and Cindy Kelly; 20 minutes)

2.  Announcements (10 minutes)

Minutes Details


Pat Allen, Tina Chrzastowski, Jenny Johnson, Mary Laskowski, Lisa Romero, Marek, Sroka, Caroline Szylowicz, Tom Teper, Barb Trumpinski, Cherié Weible; Visitor – Cindy Kelly


1.   Discussion of Academic Hourly Employees (Mary Laskowski and Cindy Kelly)

The issues are how the Library is using academic hourlies, the direction campus is taking in regards to academic hourlies and best practices for hiring academic hourlies.

Academic hourlies have been used for quite some time in the Library. The numbers have increased since the Library has had so many retirements in the last few years. When we had the retirement programs two-years ago, we could only fill positions if we could show a considerable savings, so some positions were not filled and academic hourlies were hired instead. Technical Services lost 30% of their employees, so that is an area that employs many academic hourlies.

Campus is now making us submit job descriptions and justification for hiring academic hourlies. Extra help can sometimes be another option, but the number of hours they can work are limited and the cost is much more because of overhead. Also, we are not allowed to hire extra help with grant money.

Academic hourly positions are not intended to be permanent positions. If you need a permanent position you need to request another classification besides academic hourly.

Cindy also reminded everyone that the new vacation and sick leave reporting too is going into effect. There will be training in May.

Paula reminded everyone that harassment training must be concluded by May 30.

2.  Announcements

Tina announced that RPC is doing a half-day seminar on May 3 for mid-career faculty. Carrie Ruchmere will be presenting how to organize your time. Please register to attend.