April 11, 2016 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

April 11, 20161:00 pm - 4:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.   1:30-2:30-AULs
a.   Hiring Plan
b.   Retreat next steps – Post final recommendations/actions from the retreat by early May
2.   Approve minutes from April 6
3.   Question Time
4.   Appoint Full FRC and PTAC
5.   Emeritus Benefits
6.   Turyn Professorship
7.   Reviewers for full professor

Minutes Details


John Wilkin (Chair), Kirstin Dougan (Vice-Chair), Mary Laskowski (Secretary), Nancy O’Brien, Sarah Williams, Lori Mestre, Bill Mischo, Lynne Rudasill, MJ Han


1.   1:30-2:30-AULs

  1. Hiring Plan

EC and the AULs had a preliminary discussion of the positions that were submitted. Ranking will occur at a subsequent meeting.
Retreat next steps
There has been no response to the recent call for feedback on the summaries. Further discussion was deferred to next month due to time constraints.
Approve minutes from April 6
The minutes from April 6, 2016 were approved with amendments by a motion by Nancy O’Brien, seconded by Lori Mestre.

3.   Question Time
The cabinet has met to do preliminary planning to anticipate questions and prepare for the budget hearing (April 13th). Part of the template of the budget document included addressing hiring plan needs. The formal hiring plan process may change, but there is an increased focus on strategic directions. Budget cuts need to allow for areas of growth as well as strategic cuts, so the budget reductions will likely not be uniform across the campus or within departments.

Planning is underway to potentially establish an Illinois Data Science Institute. The Library is part of that planning process, with input from Heidi Imker as related particularly to RDS. GSLIS also figures prominently in this discussion. This will not be a degree-granting program, rather largely visiting scholars.

AUL annual reviews – EC will put up web forms for comment, as occurred last year.

A personnel issue was discussed.

Framework for Strategic Action – need to be able to identify primary responsibilities
Appoint Full FRC and PTAC
EC identified full professors to serve on FRC and PTAC for a full professor case.
Emeritus Benefits
Recommendation of Provost Communication #12 is that each college identify rights for emeritus faculty. Facilities in particular is not well addressed in any Library documentation. A small ad hoc group will draft a proposal for library policies and benefits for EC discussion and distribution to the faculty at large for feedback and discussion at an upcoming faculty meeting.
6.   Turyn Professorship – A candidate was selected by the committee of full professors who reviewed the candidates. EC selected external reviewers.
7.   External Reviewers for full professor case were selected