Optimize discovery of, access to, and accessibility of all library resources, collections, and services.


  • Continuing Development of Primary Discovery Service – There were expressed some concerns about specific features of EasySearch/Bento, but these were situated within a general tone of satisfaction with this aspect of the discovery environment.
  • Improving Project Management, Prioritization and Communications – There was expressed a recurrent need for the library (and those working on providing various discovery services) to more publicly identify and articulate priorities for improvements/clean-up projects for the services they manage, including EasySearch, SFX, Catalog and records, and website.
  • Acknowledging and Embracing Our Users – There was expressed a general need to acknowledge importance placing ourselves in a position to serve our users where they are, including embracing non-library services such as Google and Google Scholar, separating user-facing from non-user facing aspects of the webpage, delivering access to digital content in emerging locations (mobile environments), and other improvements to locally (or consortially) supported discovery services.
  • Bringing Specialized Materials into the Flow – There was expressed a consistent theme about the Library’s inadequacies when it comes to making special collections discoverable. Issues included: the presence of hidden collections (either because they are unprocessed or not integrated into search tools), the atomized nature of our digitized local collections coupled with poor discovery/delivery options, and a lack of success in incorporating resources from CRL, Hathi, and IA into discovery options.
  • Reasserting Control Over Discovery Options – There were multiple expressed concerns about our reliance upon external services for discovery. Concerns with OCLC WorldCat and concern that our reliance upon CARLI for our ILS reduced our ability to be innovating in this realm.

Stakeholders (Groups):

  • All users.
  • Most library personnel on some level, but CAPT (and almost all six subgroups), Staff Development and Training, etc…

Hiring Plan Impact:

TBD, but a continued need to support access/discoverability related services/programs. There has been much development in this area in recent years, and as positions go vacant, we should be mindful of backsliding.

Adjacencies with other Topical Areas