Office of Research Governance

Office of Research Governance and Advisory Groups

The Office of Research collaborates with partners throughout the library, university and beyond. A number of advisory groups and governance committees guide the various program areas of the Office.

University Library Committees and Advisory Groups

Research and Publication Committee

The Library Research and Publication Committee is a standing committee of the Library Faculty established to encourage research and publication among Library Faculty.

Research Data Service Committee

The RDS Committee is charged with providing guidance, feedback, and support to the Director of the Research Data Service and to the University Library.

University Committees and Advisory Groups

Campus Research Administrator’s Working Group

Facilitates communication among senior unit administrators and campus administrators who have research as their primary mission.

Illinois Experts: Governance Committee
(Faculty Profiles Advisory Committee)

The Illinois Experts Governance Committee provides guidance on the establishment and management of Illinois Research Connections, providing active input on strategic priorities, policy development and processes, resource allocation, campus communications, and project implementation.

Illinois Experts: Steering Committee

The Illinois Experts Steering Committee of University Library and OVCR leadership provide detailed engagement and guidance for the planning, pilot, assessment, project management, and launch of Illinois Research Connections.