Ordering a Serial

Serial orders may be submitted via the appropriate online form off the Acquisitions page. See Ordering Serials below for more information.

Cancelling a Serial

Serial cancellations may be submitted via the appropriate online form. See Cancellations below for more information.

Ordering Serials

When ordering a serial, having the EBSCO title number is very helpful.  Acquisitions uses several other agents, including COUTTS and Harrassowitz as well as agents in South East and Central Asia, Eastern Europe and South or Central America. We also buy direct from many publishers. The largest group are those that include our three campus packages or CIC deals (Elsevier, Wiley, Springer and Sage as well as many smaller packages that are online only). Cancellations limits apply.

Questions may be directed to the EResources Librarian.


EBSCO renewals are done twice a year. The bulk are for the January cycle (5,500) with a few hundred on the July cycle.

Libnews alerts are provided to assist Bibliographers on those cycles and the steps to take to authorize renewals or how to cancel a title.

The January renewals are due by September and the July by April of every year. This allows for EBSCO to renew with the publisher and to bill us before an expiration date.


It is the responsibility of every bibliographer to submit a formal cancel form when a serial title is no longer needed or wanted OR may be ceased. The form submittal starts the process to formally tell the vendor of a change and to close down the Purchase order. The default is ALWAYS a renewal. Questions on eResource renewals should be directed to the eResources Librarian. This is critical as there may be strict cancellation terms that must be adhered to. Also keep in mind that these Eresources are not limited to January/July cycles but may be set up at any time of the year which means that a cancel must be timed correctly. Thirty days is a minimum time and often longer is required. The bibliographer needs to know what is possible and at what time frame and should inquire.

Cancellation limits apply.

Your Fund Reports

Bibliographers should review their fund reports to see what is coming from other publishers or what looks to be unpaid for several years. Send questions to Acquisitions.

UlrichsWeb: International Serials Directory is a great source to check for publications’ statuses.