How do I place an order for a serial?

To order a serial, follow these instructions:

  1. Check to see if the we already have a subscription to the serial by searching for it in Voyager Acquisitions
    • Log onto Voyager Acquisitions.
      Operator ID: view
      Password: onlyonly
    • Choose any Receiving location.
    • Under Search Line Items, choose Bibliographic Info to search for title or ISBN.
    • Click Search once the title is found.
    • Double-click the line item to view it.
  2. (Further instructions on searching are available to UIUC Library staff here).

    If we already own a copy of the serial at the UIUC Library, you might decide not to order a second copy.

    NOTE: If it is a recently ordered item, it might not appear in the OPAC because some items on order are suppressed from the online catalog.

  3. To place an order for the serial, please fill out the online order form.  Please do NOT use Collection Manager to order serials.

    NOTE: Access to the online order form is restricted to fund managers and their staff approved for placing orders.  Please contact Stephanie Baker in Acquisitions for access to this form.