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There are two ways to search for books via GOBI’s home page. ALL approval fund orders should be by SLIPS (see below) as these match to profiles to eliminate ebooks we buy and to cover a core group of academic publishers matching to academic content for those subjects chosen by all the bibliographers. Slips are generated weekly (Wednesdays a.m.).

Searching Slip / Approval Plan Suggestions

  • Select Search from the navigation bar at the top.
  • Select Slip.
  • Choose a Slip Date. you have options, if you want weekly slips you can do one date range or greater than date (last time you got your slips for example). All results will have the last status on it form YBP , our exports or from your choices on selections
  • Choose a Fund Code (or Subaccount ) Best to use your fund as that helps you to see the funds being used.
  • Click the green Search arrow (under the navigation bar).

Free form searching of Database (not for approvals)

To do a search of the database

  • At the very top of the page, to the immediate right of the GOBI3 logo, is a search bar function.  Search by typing your search terms into the open box and set your parameters by:
    • Keyword
    • Title
    • ISBN
    • Author or Editor
    • Subject
    • Any or All words
  • Clicking Search on the navigation bar provides you with more search options.
    • Advanced: You can perform an advanced search.
    • Add Titles by ISBN: You can add titles to a folder or cart by using its ISBN.
    • Consortial Titles: You can search titles purchased by other CARLI and CIS.
    • Peer Comparison Titles: You can search titles purchased by UIUC’s peer institutions.
    • Slip Search: You can search titles recommended by UIUC’s Approval Plan.
    • And many more options.