EBSCONET Searching


Searching titles in EBSCOnet allows you to find serial publications, whether EBSCO vends them, what sort of access EBSCO offers, and the price of the serial.

Title Search

Searching for titles is one of the most important and most basic ways to navigate within EBSCONET. To access the main title search simply click on the Title Search tab. This should usually take you directly to the advanced search. From here you can search by title name, ISSN, publisher, and more.


To find out about a certain title’s pricing (whether in electronic, print or both forms) or about its registration and access:

  • Perform a title search.
  • Select the desired title and format.
    • This brings you to a page with Title Details
  • To find pricing information, expand the Rates tab.  For access and registration information, expand the Access and Registration Tab.

Volume Information

If you want to know how many issues you should have received of a certain journal, you can look at the volume/issue details.  When looking at the order details for a particular journal, scroll to the bottom and select Volume/Issue Information. It gives up to date information concerning when the publisher has dispatched a journal/magazine issue. If a librarian or staff member suspects that they’re missing an issue, it can be helpful sometimes to refer to EBSCOnet and check to see if the publisher has even shipped it yet. EBSCOnet info includes volume number, issue number, date that’s on the issue, and date that the publisher dispatched/sent it out.

volume/issue link

From the Volume/Issue Details, you can see when certain volumes and issues were published, and when they were dispatched by the publisher, in order to determine if there are any delays in publication or dispatching.

volume / issue details