Domestic Approval Plan – GOBI


Approval plans and blanket orders are methods of acquiring library materials whereby a vendor selects material for a library based upon profiles established by the Library. The vendor ships materials to the Library weekly and that approval material may be autoship books as noted in a profile or may be orders generated by a selector after reviewing online slips and then submitting an order. The vendor for the main domestic approval plan is YBP. They offer an interface for review and selection called GOBI  Selectors are responsible for reviewing the profiles and work through the Acquisitions Librarian on adjustments. The form to submit approval plan changes is named APPROVAL PROFILE UPDATE FORM and may be found at: G:\Collections Info\Approval Plan -YBP

Selectors must use templates on GOBI  to enter default order details. Contact Acquisitions approval staff to either set up or update an order template as the proper subaccounts must be used.

The UIUC Library has four domestic approval profiles:

  1. Sciences
  2. Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)
  3. Performing Arts
  4. Undergraduate Library

The Undergraduate and the SSH profile both have awards programs associated with them; those are autoship books and come directly.

Each plan has a publisher list associated with it that includes the major trade and all the university press publishers.

Each profile may reviewed on the vendor platform GOBI (Offer link   under the Library tab (then pick approval profiles to view ).  They are also available on the G drive under:

G:\Collections Info\Approval Plan -YBP\YBP profiles and publisher lists

To obtain a GOBI login please contact Tammie Redenbaugh or Lynn Wiley. See instructions below on how to get a template set up.

NEW Gobi Templates & Account instructions

The approval plan is funded centrally but suballocated across all the approval funds. These allocations are based on past selections and may be changed depending on use and publishing output.  Funds unspent by April may be reallocated to areas that need that extra allocation. Fund suballocation annual amounts as well as fund balances (run weekly) may be found at:   G:\Collections Info\Approval plan info

A list of other approval plans, notably the European blanket order plans, is under profiles . We also have other plans for select subject areas such as the LABO plans with many vendors to cover Latin American materials and a few for African titles as well as several for Slavic. Plans are available for different formats such as scores, CDs, graphic novels and DVD series.