Important Acquisitions Dates

For Fiscal Year 2021:

  • March 15th – All E-Resources – All e-resource orders should have been received by Wendy Shelburne by the close of business on Monday, March 15th. The University’s procurement system operates largely outside of our control, meaning that successful procurement of items require as much time as possible. We are trying to be flexible by pushing this date back a month, but any items received at a late date might not be completed in time for an FY21 invoice.
  • April 2nd – All International Orders – Date of last orders for international orders for any amount that do not require a license. This includes firm orders from international firms. Blanket orders can be stretched a little longer, but firm orders should be submitted by April 2nd.
  • May 7th  – All Firm and Other Orders – Date of last orders for any amount that does not require a license. This includes all firm orders. The only exception for materials procurement is approval plan orders. We can stretch those out a little longer.
  • May 28th – All Invoices – Date of last invoices for all above. Any invoices received before May 28th will be processed in FY21 if there is a valid order. Acquisitions and the Library Business Office cannot guarantee the FY21 processing of any invoices received after this date. Invoices received after this date may be held for processing off of the assigned funds in the next FY.
  • June 7th – All Approval Orders – Date of last approval orders. No exceptions. Acquisitions reserves the right to hold any order that will over expend an approval sub-allocation. Selections made on GOBI that cannot be funded by a sub-allocation will sit in GOBI selection folders until the new FY for approvals and will load against that next year sub-allocation.