Fund Transfer Info

Fund transfers

Why transfer funds?

A fund manager may, for example, want to purchase a new serial to be paid that fiscal year – but the current serial fund to has been fully committed already and therefore requires more money in order to purchase the new serial.  To cover the new order, a fund manager may transfer money from their monograph fund to their serial fund (e.g. you could transfer money from xxx0 to xxx9).

A common type of transfer is to supplement the approval central pool and funds from xxx0 are moved to pbad0 for that fiscal year.

State vs Special Funds

Fund managers may transfer between the state funds only.  Transfers between state allocations and the special funds are not possible as they are on a different FOAPAL. (FOAPAL stands for codes to represent: Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity and Location). Only funds on the same FOAPAL may be part of a transfer and all the state collection funds are on one FOAPAL which is not the case for any special fund.

Permanent Transfers

Permanent transfers are necessary when fund managers’ collaborate to buy a resource.

All other transfers are considered temporary.  LBO staff do all the transfers and record all details on the Voyager acquisitions ledger including those made into the approval central pool.  An example of an allocated fund increase or decrease for a budget fund (in this case arc0) can be seen below.

Approval plan transfers are handled by Acquisitions staff and those are not budgeted funds but instead are sub-allocations of a central fund named PBAD. Balances may found at: G:\Collections Info\Approval plan info. Staff confirm directly with transfer requester to confirm those were done.

To look up a transfer on Voyager, login with username view and password onlyonly, we recommend you only look at the current ledger so search ledger funds by Fiscal period, the drop down box allows you to select the current one. Then navigate the hierarchy to find your Summary fund (red squares) open that to find the allocations (blue triangle). The transaction tab will show transfer(s) if any were made.
Ledger image