Acquisitions Updates

January 2018

Acquisitions: New Eresources available

Acquisitions will report on new databases acquired on a quarterly basis once they become available (i.e. licensed, paid for and fully activated by Vendor). Acquisition order records for eresources will not appear on VUFind. Order records for these are suppressed from the catalog displays but will be on Fund reports once they clear any license or negotiation process. Once the materials are accessible, CAM creates a new record with a link to the resource. Full information with URLs and VuFind record links are available in the folder below at:
G:\Collections Info\acquisitions\Web Page News – and under Purchases Fall 2017

This first list is for major works purchased in the list 6 months. New ebooks (bought by collection, subscription or title by title) or serials will not generally be included in these announcements.

Title acquired by Publisher/Vendor

Adam Matthew                 Colonial America – The American Revolution

Adam Matthew                 East India Company Module I: Trade, Governance and Empire, 1600-1947

Adam Matthew                 Foreign Office Files for Japan, Section I: 1931-1945

Adam Matthew                 Literary Print Culture

Adam Matthew                 Medical Services and Warfare

Adam Matthew                 Race Relations in America

Adam Matthew                 Socialism on Film Module I: Wars & Revolutions

Alexander St Press           Border and Migration Studies Online –

Alexander St Press           Counseling and Therapy in Video

Alexander St Press           Ethnographic Video Online

Alexander St Press           The Broadway HD Collection

Alexander St Press           Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels

Alexander St Press           Women and Social Movements international

BoardVitals                        BCC Research Library

Gale                                     17th and 18th Century NICHOLS Collection of UK Newspapers

Gale                                     British Library Newspapers, Part V

Gale                                     International Herald Tribune Historical Archive

Gale                                     The Independent, 2013 – 2016

Gale                                     The Telegraph Historical Archive, 1855 – 2000

BoardVitals                        BoardVitals

Readex                                American Business Agricultural Newspapers

Readex                                Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports 1941-1974:

Reveal Digital                    Newspapers from the Rise and Fall of the 1920s Ku Klux Klan

SIL Internationa               Ethnologue : languages of the world

Integrum World Wide     Integrum

The library also upgraded two EBSCOHost Full Text databases, Ebsco Academic Search Ultimate and Ebsco Business Source Ultimate


Acquisitions holds regular sessions on ordering , GOBI drop is sessions, and sessions on blanket orders. Are there other sessions we should add?? Ejournals, aggregators, fund reports, assessment? Please let us know by emailing