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Microfiche Collections in SSHEL

Microfiche/film Collections in the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL)

Microfiche/film collections on world cultures, reading, curriculum materials, reports and documents in education and psychology, tests, and more are available in the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL). These collections include unique materials not available in book or journal formats. Almost all of SSHEL’s microform materials are on fiche (flat 4″ x 6″ sheets) rather than film (which comes in rolls). All microfiche/film are located in Room 104, SSHEL North, Main Library.


Location of Microfiche/film Readers/Scanners/Printers

  • In SSHEL: There is a microfiche/film reader/scanner/printer in SSHEL North in the hallway leading to Room 104. It allows you to convert fiche documents into PDF files and save the file on a USB drive or save the file on the hard drive and then email the file.
  • Elsewhere in the library: Both the Ricker Library of Art & Architecture (208 Architecture Building) and History, Philosophy & Newspaper (246 Main Library) Libraries have microfiche/film readers/scanners/printers as well.


Circulation Policy

Microfiche can be checked out for four weeks. A file box on top of the microfiche cabinets is provided for patrons who wish to store microfiche which they intend to use on a regular basis. When removing microfiche from the cabinets for use, please mark the place with a removal slip to facilitate the refiling process for staff. Removal slips are kept on top of the fiche cabinets.


Mirofiche/film Collections

MFICHE 428.6 Am35
American Primers. University Publications of America. Bethesda, MD. 1990.
Collection of 844 titles covering a “variety of introductory reading materials,” including primers, readers, spelling books, alphabet books, teaching manuals, non-instructional juveniles, and a small number of miscellaneous items all aimed at children. Multiple editions of some texts are included to illustrate changes in design, attitudes, and publishers. Time periods are divided into the following categories: Colonial (1639-1782), Early National (1783-1837), Pre-Civil War (1838-1865), Early Modern (1866-1920), and Modern (1921-1943). An index to the collection is located on top of the microfiche cabinets.

MFICHE 011.62 B537E
Early Children’s Literature: The Birmingham Central Library Collection to 1830. Emmett Publishing. Haslemere, Surrey, England. 1995.
Includes early juvenile fiction, fairy tales, chapter books, periodicals, and non-fiction works. Items in this collection date from 1530 to 1830, and represent 1,200 volumes by over 740 authors. A guide to the collection (MFICHE 011.62 B537E) is available in the School Collection reference area.

ERIC Microfiche Collection. Educational Resources Information Center. Washington, D.C. Monthly. 1966-2003.
Consists of unpublished and fugitive materials including more than 300,000 research studies, program descriptions and evaluations, conference proceedings, curriculum materials, bibliographies, and other documents. Although the materials relate primarily to education, information on related areas such as social work, nursing, counseling, and child development may also be found. The microfiche are indexed in the ERIC database. Most ERIC documents issued since 1993 are available online through the ERIC database. In 2004, ERIC ceased creating microfiche, moving to an online-only model for new documents. SSHEL owns ED#s 000 001 to 483 046.

Human Relations Area Files (HRAF). Human Relations Area Files, Inc. New Haven, CT. [1949- .] Microfiche files 1984-1993.
The HRAF Archive is a unique source of information on the cultures of the world. The Archive contains over 900,000 pages of indexed information, from more than 7,000 sources, on approximately 350 different cultural, ethnic, religious, and national groups around the world. The Library’s collection consists primarily of the paper edition of the Archive. From 1984 until 1992, HRAF was issued only in microfiche. Beginning in 1993 an electronic format was adopted. Many HRAF documents can now be accessed online through the eHRAF Archaeology and eHRAF World Cultures databases; see SSHEL’s eHRAF World Cultures Guide for more information.

Journal Supplement Abstract Service (JSAS). American Psychological Association. Washington, D.C. 1971-1982.
This collection of materials in psychology includes technical reports, invited addresses, bibliographies, literature reviews, well-designed studies with negative results, reports on major research in progress, proceedings of meetings of regional psychological associations, and other psychology-related material not available through conventional publishing channels. Arranged by sequentially-assigned abstract numbers. Abstracts of items in the collection appear in the semiannual Social and Behavioral Sciences Documents (016.15 P9591), formerly Psychological Documents (016.15 P959), and The Catalog of Selected Documents in Psychology (150.5 CAT). Social and Behavioral Science Documents is arranged by manuscript number within broad subject categories.

Curriculum Development Library
This collection contains curriculum guides from numerous sources in the United States, inclusive of guides and documents which cover educational requirements, programs, and teaching practices for grades K-12, early childhood education, and adult basic education throughout the United States and Canada. Curriculum guides covering 1978-2000 are available exclusively on microfiche in SSHEL.

Oregon Microfiche
The common feature of this collection is University of Oregon Microfiche Dissertations and Theses on Human Development and Performance. The dissertations and theses were written at universities all over North America, and have been produced in microfiche format at the University of Oregon since 1948. Recently, Oregon stopped producing the microfiche, and now offers an online service that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign subscribes to. The current official name is OregonPDF in Health & Performance, and it allows affiliated users to search for and request a PDF of any dissertation or thesis that is part of the collection.

MFICHE 820.8 P91
Pre 1890 Australian Children’s Books Microfiche Package
Includes 240 children’s books about Australia and 57 children’s books relating to the South West Pacific published prior to 1890. Images for 51 books include only sections relating to Australia or the South West Pacific; all other books are reproduced completely. A guide to the collection (MFICHE 820.8 P91 guide) is located on top of the microfiche cabinets.

MFICHE 372.26 T289
Tests in Microfiche. Educational Testing Service. Princeton, New Jersey. Annual. 1975-.
This collection consists of unpublished tests which are not generally included in standard reference sources. The Annotated Index (371.26 T289 INDEX, located in SSHEL Reference with the title Tests in Microfiche) indexes these tests by title, subject, and author. Microfiche copies of the tests are filed by call numbers starting with TC.