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TRAVEL ACCOUNTS: English Authors Pending

  1. Bradford, Martha Wilmot, 1775-1873.
    The Russian Journals of Martha and Catherine Wilmot; being an account by two Irish ladies of their adventures in Russia as guests of the celebrated Princess Daschkaw, containing vivid descriptions of contemporary court life and society, and lively anecdotes of many interesting historical characters, 1803-1808. (London: Macmillan and co., limited, 1934).

  2. Elliott, Charles Boileau, 1803-1875.
    Letters from the North of Europe, or, A Journal of Travels in Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Prussia, and Saxony. (London: H. Colburn and R. Bentley, 1832).

  3. Granville, A. B. (Augustus Bozzi), 1783-1872. St. Petersburgh. A Journal of Travels to and from that Capital; through Flanders, the Rhenish provinces, Prussia, Russia, Poland, Silesia, Saxony, the federated states of Germany, and France. (London: H. Colburn, 1828).

  4. Harrison, Robert.
    Notes of a Nine Years' Residence in Russia, from 1844 to 1853. With notices of the tzars Nicholas I. and Alexander II. By Robert Harrison. London, T.C. Newby, 1855.

  5. Henderson, E. (Ebenezer), 1784-1858.
    Biblical Researches and Travels in Russia. (London: J. Nisbet; etc., etc., 1826).

  6. Holderness, Mary.
    New Russia: Journey from Riga to the Crimea, by way of Kiev; with some account of the colonization and the manners and customs of the colonists of new Russia ; to which are added, notes relating to the Crim Tatars. (London: Sherwood, Jones, 1823).

  7. Londonderry, Charles William Vane, 3d Marquis of, 1778-1854.
    Recollections of a Tour in the North of Europe in 1836-1837. (London: R. Bentley, 1838).

  8. Maxwell, John S.
    The Czar and his People. (London: T. Nelson, 1854).

  9. Mayo, Richard Southwell Bourke, Earl of, 1822-1872.
    St. Petersburg and Moscow : a Visit to the Court of the Czar. By Richard Southwell Bourke. (London: Colburn, 1846).

  10. Morell, John Reynell.
    Russia as it is: its Court, its Government, and its People. (London: Routledge, 1854).

  11. Thompson, Edward Pett.
    Life in Russia, or, the Discipline of Despotism. (London: Smith, Elder, and Co., 1848).
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