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    1. Book Kiosk with Lubki
      (book kiosk with <em>Lubki</em>)

    2. Bookstore (Slenin)

    3. Bookstore (Smirdin)
      Depicts exterior of Smirdin's bookstore on Nevskii Prospekt. (Smirdin's bookstore)

    4. Gentry Bookbuyers (Smirdin's Store)
      (gentry bookbuyers)

    5. Lower-class Reading Group on Street

    6. Public Library (Imperial)

    7. Theater (Imperial)

    1. Bookstore
      Depicts interior of Smirdin's bookstore on Nevskii Prospekt. On the far right: the poet Alexander Pushkin, conversing with Prince Viazemskii. (interior of Smirdin's bookstore)

    2. Gentry Apartment (Tolstoi family) (1830)

    3. Reading Library
      Depicts a housewarming party held in Feb. 1832 in the reading library of the publisher
      A. F. Smirdin on Nevskii Prospekt in St. Petersburg. From left to right: F. V. Bulgarin, A. Shakhovskoi, P. A. Viazemskii, N. I. Grech (arm raised), A. S. Pushkin, A. Khvostov, I. Krylov, A. F. Smirdin. (Smirdin's reading library)

    4. Salon (Elagina)
      Elagina's salon in Moscow, 1830s-1840s.

    5. Salon (Krylov)

    6. Woman Reading (Country House)
      Source: Nashi, spisannye s natury russkimi, vyp. 5 "Baryshnia" (St. Petersburg, 1841). (woman reading)

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