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  1. P. P. Beketov, publisher

  2. V. G. Belinsky, literary critic
    (V.G. Belinsky)

  3. F. V. Bulgarin, journalist (Biography)

  4. A. A. Del'vig, poet

  5. N. I. Grech, publisher (Biography)
    (N. I. Grech)

  6. N. M. Karamzin, historian (Biography)
    (N. M. Karamzin)

  7. A. A. Kraevskii, publisher
    (A. A. Kraevskii)

  8. I. A. Krylov, fabulist

  9. Nicholas I

  10. V. A. Plavil'shchikov, publisher

  11. N. A. Polevoi, publisher, historian, journalist

  12. A. S. Pushkin, poet
    (A. S. Pushkin)

  13. S. I. Selivanovskii, bookdealer

  14. S. P. Shevyrev, professor of literature (Biography)
    (S. P. Shevyrev)

  15. I. V. Slenin, bookdealer

  16. A. F. Smirdin, publisher (Biography)
    (A. F. Smirdin)

  17. P. A. Viazemskii, poet

  18. V. A. Zhukovskii, poet

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