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Inventory of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Digital Projects

Future directions

The main objective of this effort is to build a comprehensive, standards-based, online inventory of digital projects on Slavic, East European, and Eurasian themes that are substantial in nature. Closely related to this objective is our intent to foster national and international interoperability and federated searching among Western and East European repositories by including a significant OAI (Open Archives Initiative) component. There are considerably fewer Slavic, East European, and Eurasian digital projects that comply to the protocol for harvesting metadata in accordance with the OAI; as a result many of these projects are at risk of exclusion from federated searching engines.

In addition, we plan to locate more digital projects based in Eurasia and Eastern Europe through partnerships with colleagues and institutions abroad. UIUC already has working ties in St. Petersburg, Tyumen' (Siberia), Krakow (Poland), Kiev (Ukraine), and collaborations are being pursued with centers in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Croatia. In Moscow the Institute of World Literature's Фундаментальная электронная библиотека: русская литература и фольклор (ФЕБ) will be a major partner.

Furthermore, through this project, we hope to redefine the concept and purpose of a Web inventory, in particular by honing and expanding its interactive features and access services. We will position the Inventory not only as an information-rich resource but also as a tool for deep-Web searching and user-assisted research, and as an interactive tool for distance education.

Finally, we might encourage project developers to adhere to the Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections or record the degree to which they adhere to it. We might use CWIS software. We might collaborate with the Registry of Digital Masters.