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Group Rooms

The Scholarly Commons has four reservable rooms for group study and collaboration.

University of Illinois affiliates can reserve group rooms C and D when the Main Library is open.

Group Rooms A and B are reserved from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. University of Illinois affiliates can reserve them in the evenings and weekends.

If you have any questions about reserving a group room, please email us at sc@library.illinois.edu.



Group Rooms A and B have a dual-monitor desktop computer with the same software installation as the other lab computers in Room 220. Please visit the Software page for a list of available software on these computers. Please note that these group rooms are only available after 5pm and on the weekend.

Wireless Screen Sharing

Group Rooms C, and D have monitors that computers and mobile devices can cast their screens to. Please see this IT guide for instructions.

Lighting, Air, and Roof Controls

Group Rooms are equipped with motion sensors that turn on the lights and circulated air flow when a patron enters them. The roof also automatically closes.

These features can be controlled with black buttons in the center of one of the side walls:

  • Light options: Work (brightest), think (less bright), present (low lighting)
  • Air options: on or off
  • Roof options: closed, semi-open, fully-open

Group Room Controls
Group Room Controls


If the air is on and the roof is closed, people inside the group rooms cannot hear most noise outside of the rooms. It will also muffle conversations inside the group rooms, making them difficult to overhear outside the group rooms. However, we ask that patrons wear headphones when listening to music or participating in an online meeting to reduce disruptions to other patrons in 220.


Tables in group rooms C, and D have power outlets and USB charging ports. The side walls of each group room also have power outlets.


All group rooms have whiteboards and markers for collaboration.