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Data Purchase Program Datasets

For access to files that are not linked, please contact Carissa M. Philips at choller@illinois.edu

  • Residential Property Transactions and Assessments for Chicago and New York City 1997-2010 (DataQuick)
  • Residential Property Transactions and Assessments for Selected Counties in the Midwest (DataQuick)
  • American Psychological Association elections data (APA)
  • Locations of Villages in Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Cross-National Time Series 2018
  • Size USA body measurement data (women)
  • Genomic data for liver and blood of rats on high-fat diets (sequencing data from Methyl-DNA immunoprecipitation assay (MeDIP) in combination with high-throughput sequencing (HTS) on the whole genome in liver and blood samples of Sprague Dawley Rats on either control diet or high fat diet) available from remc.wustl.edu
  • PALSAR satellite imagery for northern Wisconsin
  • UNIDO Industrial Statistics (INDSTAT4 and INDSTAT 2)
  • High-resolution satellite imagery of the Bermejo River (Argentina)
  • Statistics of Income by Zip Code (Internal Revenue Service)
  • Chicago bankruptcy/mortgage/divorce data
  • Data about companies started in university incubators