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Recommended Reading and Training

Scholars in the field of digital humanities often publish their research openly, as seen in some examples below. Additional suggested readings and some ways to learn DH methods are below.

Tutorials and Guides

  • The Programming Historian
    The Programming Historian publishes “novice-friendly” tutorials on using digital tools and methods to perform humanities research and teaching. They also run a blog featuring completed projects, tips, and highlights.
  • Computational Historical Thinking: With Applications in R
    An online textbook designed for historians, by a historian, teaching DH methods like text analysis, exploratory data analysis, and mapping.
  • Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities Resource List
    On MLA Humanities Commons, choose a keyword to view curated course materials related to that keyword, managed by practitioners of digital pedagogy.
  • DHbox
    Managed by the CUNY Graduate Center, DHbox allows DH scholars to train and test various tools like Python, RStudio, and Omeka in a learning-friendly environment. You can create a free one-month account, or download and install your own version.
  • DH Curation Guide
    Resources related to managing humanities data.


  • Digital Humanities Now
    This blog showcases current scholarship, news, trends, as well as recent job postings in the Digital Humanities.
  • The Stone and the Shell
    Ted Underwood, Associate Professor of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, blogs about Digital Humanities, tools, and trends in the discipline.
  • Miriam Posner’s Blog
    Miriam Posner, Assistant Professor in Information Studies at UCLA blogs about her experiences and reflections on teaching DH.