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Grants, Fellowships, and Opportunities

On this page, you will find funding opportunities that support DH activities. In addition to the resources listed here, you can monitor the Digital Humanities Now Funding and Opportunities web page for one-time grants, fellowships and postdoc research positions, and other funding opportunities.

Starting the Grant Application Process

If you have plans to apply for a grant, we recommend contacting your unit’s grant officer and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) as soon as possible to begin work on proposal development. Note that in some cases the campus may only be able to put forward a limited number of applications for a particular grant, and in those cases there is typically an earlier internal evaluation deadline before the deadline of the granting agency. The OVCR also sponsors workshops on proposal planning for recurring grant programs at agencies such as the NEH.

Library Support

If you are planning a grant proposal that will require consultation with the library or use of library resources, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can begin that conversation. If your proposal will require substantial library involvement, we ask that you consider working with us to write the library into the grant and plan costs appropriately. Such involvement might include projects that require significant digitization efforts with library materials, development of technical infrastructure, complex digital publications, or research and instructional efforts where library faculty and academic professional expertise warrant more in depth involvement and collaboration. Contact the Scholarly Commons to get started. The library’s ability to provide the necessary level of collaboration on the project may depend on a number of factors, and in some cases may not be feasible.

If you are applying to a grant that requires a data management plan (DMP), the library’s Research Data Service can also work with you to write a realistic and convincing DMP for your project.

Research and Publication Opportunities

Support for Travel to DH Conferences and Workshops

Visiting Research and Teaching Fellowships

Pedagogy and Training Development