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Digital Humanities @ Illinois

Digital humanities is use of digital data and technologies to answer humanities research questions. From text analysis to data visualization and more, experts at the Scholarly Commons are available to consult and collaborate with you on research and instruction goals. Read on for more information and resources to get started in your research project.

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What do you need to do?

  • Find Sources
    Finding and acquiring humanities data sets, like text corpora, image collections, or other multimedia for research purposes.


  •  Manage Sources
    Humanities data can be text, geospatial data, results of analysis, and even images or multimedia. Strong organization and management of digital content is essential for any digital humanities project.

  • Analyze Sources
    Humanities research does not have to be done manually! Computational methods can be applied to many types of humanities research, along with related tools available in the Scholarly Commons and online.
  • Publish Digitally
    Digital publishing is popular among digital humanists, allowing research findings to be shared without the constraints of traditional print formats. Learn more about tools and see example projects, like online books or exhibits, webpages, and audio or visual projects.

Resources and Community

DH Experts @ Illinois

  • Dan Tracy, Head, Scholarly Communication and Publishing