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In addition to the experts formally associated with the Scholarly Commons and the vast resources of the Library’s subject specialists, these campus units are helping enrich the resources and knowledge base of the Scholarly Commons by making staff members available at the Scholarly Commons during designated hours, delivering workshops, and collaborating on initiatives:

CITL Data Analytics Program

Explore and promote innovative teaching to support transformative learning experiences in all modalities. 

CITL Data Analytics provides consulting on statistics and data analytics, data preparation, and survey research. They can can help you find datalearn to use statistical software, and determine which statistical procedures to use in your analyses. Drop in hours and appointments are held in the Scholarly Commons, 220 Main Library. To schedule an appointment fill out the CITL Data Analytics request consultation form.

Graduate College

 The Graduate College provides campus-wide leadership for the advancement of graduate education; promotes excellence, integrity, and equity in all graduate programs; and serves the scholarly and professional needs of prospective and current graduate students from recruitment and admission through graduation. We work with graduate faculty and staff to establish academic policies and programs designed to assure quality and support student progress. 

The Graduate College partners with the Scholarly Commons in co-sponsoring the Graduate Image of Research Competition.

Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute (IHSI)

As a campus-wide interdisciplinary research institute, IHSI cuts across the many academic units, programs, and research and technology centers engaged in health sciences research at Illinois. We advance the health sciences ecosystem at Illinois through visioning, partnering, providing administrative and programmatic support, and launching initiatives that ultimately improve the health of our local, national, and global communities.


Identifying opportunities for health innovation, discovery, and translation that fulfill our vision of the Illinois health sciences ecosystem


Driving collaborations with units across campus and with external partners, locally and globally, to transform the health landscape


Collaboratively incubating and strategically launching transformative programs and centers of excellence


Translating innovative research and technology through a catalytic and collaborative hub of core resources and services, infrastructure, and expertise

IHSI partners with us by offering REDCap consulting hours in the Scholarly Commons.

Media Commons

The Media Commons formed in March 2013 to provide faculty, students and staff a space to create digital media projects.
  • For faculty and staff, it is a space to discover effective ways to integrate digital media into their curriculum and to demonstrate to their students the equipment and techniques used by professionals.
  • For students it is a space to facilitate the creation of both basic and advanced projects and to explore creative ideas.

An important mission of The Media Commons is to help train and educate those affiliated with the University on techniques and best practices for creating and editing video, as well as the basic usage and implementation of production studios.

The Media Commons is a collaborative campus effort that provides students and faculty with opportunities to experiment with emerging technologies. The Media Commons also offers expanded opportunities to learn best practices in educational technology. In addition to a robust loanable technology program, the Media Commons provides a service space that offers faculty, and students to create, disseminate, use, and curate digital media. The goal is to meet the need for broad access to media creation tools, information technology training in multimedia hardware and software, and instruction in media literacy.

Scholarly Communication and Publishing

The Scholarly Communication and Publishing Unit develops innovative, sustainable structures for the development of digital scholarship and broad dissemination and enduring preservation of the scholarly conversation, towards the goal of ensuring that the benefits of scholarship accrue to everyone. We provide expertise on copyright, authors’ rights, digital humanities, online scholarly identities, and open access publishing to faculty, staff, and students at the University of Illinois. We also collaborate with libraries, research centers and institutes, departments, and individual faculty and staff to lower the cost of producing, disseminating, and preserving high-quality educational and scholarly publications through optimized use of resources. We also work with other public institutions seeking to publish scholarly material or general-interest works that will benefit the people of Illinois and the world.

Scholarly Communication and Publishing provides services associated with publishing, open access, copyright, research profiles, digital humanities, and digital repositories for scholarly publications (including IDEALS). They provide consultations on these subjects in the Scholarly Commons. We work together on a variety of events.

Technology Services Research and Online Learning Services

Technology Services at Illinois is the provider of campus-wide computing, networking, storage, communications, and instructional technology services at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Technology Services partners with campus to provide world-class, innovative, cost effective technologies and services that help foster discoveries and innovations from our researchers, transform the teaching and learning experiences of faculty and students, and improve the efficiency and security of the university’s processes and data.

Technology Services supports the academic activities of faculty, staff, and students by providing campus-wide computing, networking, telephone, and instructional technology. Technology Services’ Online Teaching and Learning unit facilitates training and consultation for incorporating technologies into teaching and research, as well as building and maintaining virtual and physical collaborative learning environments.