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The following hardware is available for use at the Scholarly Commons:

  • 5 dual monitor PCs (1 in the Usability Lab) with 16 GB storage
  • 2 dual monitor PCs with 32 GB storage
  • 2 Macs (1 in the Usability Lab) with a wireless keyboard and mouse
  • An 11×17 flatbed book scanner (Plustek Optibook A-300)
  • An 11/17 flat bed scanner (Epson GT-20000)
  • An 11×17 automatic sheet fed scanner (Epson GT-20000)
  • A 21 x 22 x 47 overhead book scanner (Book2Net)
  • Morae Observer workstation synced with Usability Lab
  • 4 Gigabyte thumb drives
  • USB Headset

The Usability Lab has one dual monitor PC with Morae Usability Software and one Mac with Silverback Usability Software. Both machines have identical software installations as those in the Scholarly Commons.

If additional equipment is required for your research, consider visiting the Media Commons at the Undergraduate Library. The Media Commons provides access to technology like digital cameras, voice recorders, and tablets. It also provides a space to collaborate and you will have access to consultation services to support your research.