How has the coronavirus lockdown affected the Scholarly Commons and the move?

The Scholarly Commons has been closed since March 16, but we are still working to connect you to the resources you need and to answer your questions about digital scholarship projects and methods.  As always, you can reach us by email.  We have also joined the AskALibrarian chat service during our regular business hours (8:30-5, Monday through Friday).

Although all of us are working from home, the remodeling project in Room 220 is still moving fast!  We just finalized most of the technology that will be in the room and are close to final decisions on furniture.  We will have all new scanners, including a new scanner that can handle slides and film, an upgraded book scanner, a sheet-feed scanner, and two large flatbed scanners.  Workstations will be upgraded to the same memory and processors of the two workstations at the back of our current space.  If you have used them you know that they can handle large datasets without flinching, as well as other RAM-intensive tasks.  All of our current software will be available whenever the new space is open, which includes evenings and weekends.

If you want to look at specific models to plan what you will do with the new equipment, here are links:

Workstations: Dell Precision 3630

Scanner workstations: Lenovo M720Q

Bookeye Scanner: KIC Bookeye 4 V2

Sheetfeed scanner: Epson WF DS-7500

Flatbed scanner (2): Plustek OpticBook A300 Plus

Photo/Slide scanner: Epson Perfection V850 Pro

We will also have a state of the art audiovisual setup in our event space, including cameras, microphones, speakers, and a high-resolution laser projector.  Details of that setup should be available in the next couple of weeks.

This is a good time to thank everyone in the Library who has been working with the Scholarly Commons for months (and in some cases years) to decide on this hardware profile: Jim Dohle, Lee Galaway, Heidi Imker, Rhonda Jurinak, and Meghean Osuchowski, as well as others in Library Information Technology who have contributed expertise at specific points in the process.  It takes a village, and all of you have been crucial partners in this process.  Thank you.

The coronovirus lockdown means that our move date is still uncertain, dependent on when the construction phase of the remodel is scheduled.  But we are as certain as we can be during this uncertain time that the process will be complete before the start of Fall Semester 2020.  As always, let us know if you have any questions about our plans.