We can partner with you to host events!

One of the biggest goals of the Scholarly Commons is to create a community of researchers using digital methods, and smaller communities of researchers using specific methods.  Are you the only person in your college using GIS to analyze data?  There are many others like you across campus, though it can be hard to identify them.  This is also true of the other methods and tools we cover: see https://www.library.illinois.edu/sc/services/ for some examples.  We focus on interdisciplinary get-togethers to help people find each other across disciplines, like the Image of Research (graduate edition) awards reception and the talk about open educational resources that happened last Tuesday afternoon.  Our new space will open up even more possibilities, since we will have the ability to bring in people remotely, and record talks or other events.  We should also be able to accommodate break-out groups with their own wireless screens, who can then share screens with other groups and the large screen at the front of the room.

Have you wanted to host a reading group on a digital scholarship topic?  Would you like to get together with other text miners (or tweet analyzers, or mappers, or…) to share work in process?  Do you know of a speaker who has a fresh perspective on a digital scholarship topic?  Let us know at sc@library.illinois.edu.