How will moving to 220 change the ways that people work in the Scholarly Commons?

Our goal in moving to Room 220 is to preserve the benefits of our current space in Room 306 as well as dramatically expanding what is possible in the Scholarly Commons: easier to say than to do, particularly without the input of current Scholarly Commons users.  So for your review, here is the plan for the space as it stands right now.

We will have the same kind of work space (double monitors, advanced data analysis software, scanners, large work surfaces) that we do now, centered in the northwest corner of Room 220.  The service desk will be nearby.  For security reasons, our book collection will probably move into the Main Stacks, but be kept together as a browsable collection.

Staff offices will stay in our current space, so if you need to consult with someone other than the person staffing the service desk you can either ask at the service desk or email us at  As now, we will not expect you to know who you need to talk to in order to set up an appointment.  Just explain what you are trying to do and we will connect you with experts who can help.  Our service hours will be the same as our current hours (8:30-6:00 during the semester), but the room will be open as work space during all the hours that the Main Library is open, for more access to our software and scanners!  Statistical consulting and REDCap office hours will be available as they are now.

The rest of Room 220 will be flexible space with collaboration tables and monitors, whiteboards, and soft furniture that can be reconfigured to meet the needs of groups working in the space.  The northeast corner of the room will have an audio/video setup that will make new kinds of events possible.  We will upgrade both the video and audio quality in the room, including capability to record and stream events and to bring in off-campus speakers via Skype.

What questions do you have about these plans?  Are there other issues that concern you?  If you are close reading this post (unlikely!), you have noticed that the question in the title is not answered.  This is deliberate, because you have the answer.  Please email us at to share it with us.