Part 8: Main Stacks

Part 8: Main Stacks
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Let’s proceed to the main stacks. If you’re carrying food, beverages, backpacks, or purses, please place them in one of the lockers just outside the entrance. The Main Stacks are designated as closed stacks, meaning that it is not open to the general public. If you have an icard, you are welcome to enter the main stacks. If not, you can ask the librarians at the information desk to give you a quick tour of the reference collection if their time permits.

The Main Stacks is a general collection consisting of ten floors of books, and includes the largest reference collection on campus. The first bookstack was built to accommodate approximately 1 million volumes. A huge milestone for the Library was the one-millionth volume, acquired in 1935. After WWII, the Library amassed the beginnings of its collections in classics, architecture, chemistry, mathematics, history, Milton, and Shakespeare. By 1940, the Library is the fifth largest in the country. The bookstacks now hold approximately 6 million volumes.

As you walk into the stacks, you’re entering the stacks on the fifth floor of the east wing. The east wing consists of the older stacks. You may proceed all the way down the hallway, and as you pass through the doorways, the temperature will become cooler and the lights will become brighter. You have now entered the west stacks. The west wing of the stacks was built to expand the library’s holding capacity. The west wing has only 8 floors, and automatic compact shelving. To move the shelving units, you may follow the directions printed on the shelves.

Feel free to pause the recording and wander the stacks. To leave, remember to make your way to the fifth floor.

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