Part 9: History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library

Part 9: History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library
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Exiting the Main Stacks, turn left and go through the set of doors next to Hugh Atkinson’s portrait.

North of the main stacks is a hallway that will lead to the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library, or HPNL, and the African American Research Center. The HPNL provides subject expertise and serves the disciplines of history, philosophy, religious studies, and any discipline utilizing historical newspapers as a source for research. The HPNL is a destination for finding, viewing, scanning, and digitally manipulating micro-content. The library is equipped with digital microfilm readers that will convert microfilm content to any digital form, including pdf. Recognizing the importance of digital resources for today’s researcher, the HPNL is also a center for expertise in newspaper digitization activities and other digital conversion initiatives.

Now, let’s head upstairs to the third floor. To get there, either take the elevator next to HPNL’s entrance, or backtrack down the hallway a bit and take the stairs to your left.

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