Research Data Service hosts several data management workshops each semester. We are also happy to visit labs and other research units to provide specialized talks and workshops. Let us know what your group would be interested in hearing about, or to get more information about this service. Click here for access to past workshop materials deposited into IDEALS, or contact us for recent materials.

Request a Workshop

Would your department, team, or student group like a customized data management talk or workshop? RDS regularly works with teams of all sizes and disciplines to remix our core data management presentations and activities for their needs. Contact us to schedule a workshop or training session, or to let us know how we can advise your team on data management principles or practices.

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Data Management (Feb. 16 at 1pm CST)
This is workshop 1 of 3 in the Research Data Management series.
Participants will learn the benefits of best practices for managing research data.
Goals: Identify elements of data management, realize importance, develop organizational strategies, and create own data documentation.

 Register to join on the Scholarly Commons Savvy Researcher Calendar.

Data Documentation (Mar. 23 at 1pm CST)
This is workshop 2 of 3 in the Research Data Management series.
Hands on workshop will give you experience using various types of documentation and discuss strategies for writing documentation.
Bring a dataset you’d like to work with if you have one.
Goals: Understand elements of good documentation, evaluate an example, and apply knowledge.

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Data Sharing (coming soon)
This is workshop 3 of 3 in the Research Data Management series.
This workshop will cover the basic steps of research data sharing & publication.
Goals: Understand why researchers share their data, evaluate discipline relevant repositories, apply knowledge to depositing own data.

Room Directions

Due to COVID we will be hosting virtual workshops through Zoom. 

Our regularly scheduled workshops usually take place in the same room each semester. However, that is subject to change due to class size or room availability. If the workshop is scheduled for a different location than those listed below, different directions will apply.

The IDEA Lab is located in Grainger’s lower level.