Dryad Vouchers

The RDS at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is partnering with the Dryad Digital Repository, which is the preferred data repository for many journals, especially in the evolutionary biology and ecology disciplines. Dryad offers submission integration with many journals, and to find out if your journal is included, view their list of integrated journals.

Through this partnership, the RDS has a limited number of vouchers available to UIUC researchers to cover the $120 Data Publishing Charge at Dryad. Vouchers are distributed on a first come first served basis.To maximize availability across campus, voucher distribution is limited to one per person per calendar year. To request a Dryad submission voucher from the RDS, please complete our Dryad Voucher Request form.

If Dryad does not meet your data publication needs for whatever reason, please contact us to discuss others options available to UIUC researchers, such as the Illinois Data Bank, a free data repository available for UIUC faculty, staff, and graduate students.

For questions about the Dryad Digital Repository itself, please contact Dryad staff.

* Did you know, the data deposit fee is an allowable expense on NSF grants?  For details, see this information from NSF:
          • May I use funds from my NSF award to pay for data deposit charges?
          • PAPPG Chapter II, Proposal Preparation Instructions, part C.2.g.vi.b (Publication/Documentation/Dissemination (Line G2 on the Proposal Budget)