We know that Shakespeare appears in far more than one hundred works of fiction. Indeed, we have discovered more than 500 appearances thus far. There may very well be others not yet dreamt of in our philosophies. Let us know!

We want to involve as many Shakespeare lovers as possible, so please add your favorite to the list — and tell us a little bit about Shakespeare’s role in it.

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  • What manner of man is Shakespeare in this work? (using 150 words or less)

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Suggested works

  1. Three Years to Play by Colin MacInnes, Farrar Straus Girox, 1970.

    “Prostitute’s only son leaves the forest where his mother raised him and heads to London. There he meets whores, tricksters, thieves and conmen and falls in with a troupe of actors and players led by Wm. Shakespeare.” I am quoting a plot summary from Goodreads. I haven’t read the book in 35 years, but I do remember enjoying it. It is largely concerned with As You Like It.

    Character type: Upon the Boards
    Read more about the book on