Carl Sandburg Lincoln Bibliographic List

The Sandburg Lincoln Bibliography, prepared in 2010 as part of a LSTA grant from the State of Illinois, allows scholars to see the depth and breadth of the source materials used by Sandburg when writing his great Lincoln biographies.

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Carl Sandburg-Connemara Transfer

The Sandburg Connemara transfer contains the papers of Carl Sandburg (1878-1967), American poet and author. Includes typescripts and corrected galley proofs of Sandburg's works. The collection contains a Spanish-American War diary (1898), lectures (1908-09), recordings and transcriptions of Sandburg's radio broadcasts and lectures and magazine articles and newspaper clippings by and about him. The papers also include Lombard College publications (1898-1902), material concerning the Chicago Daily News (1917-32) and a supporting book collection of approximately 5,000 volumes.

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Also included are Sandburg's correspondence with literary and public figures, scholars and admirers about writing, American folk songs, Abraham Lincoln, journalism and lecture tours. Both personal and business correspondence are included. This database also includes letters honoring Carl Sandburg.

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Carl Sandburg-Asheville Transfer

The Asheville transfer is the most recent addition to the Sandburg collection, obtained in 1996 upon the death of Margaret Sandburg, the eldest daughter of Carl and Paula Sandburg. This collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, clippings, books, documents, and miscellaneous material belonging to Margaret and related to her role as her father's reference librarian. Also included in this collection is the Encyclopedia Sandburgiana, a scrapbook of photographs, clippings and correspondence kept by Margaret Sandburg about her father's life. Items are arranged chronologically by year.

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