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June-July 1999

"To know the world and its inhabitants is the anxious wish of all who are in the least degree curious and inquisitive."

-John Adams, 1750-1814.
Modern Voyages: Containing a Variety of Useful
and Entertaining Facts... for the Amusement and Instruction of Youth of Both Sexes.

London: Printed for G. Kearsley, 1790.

Hartmann Schedel
Liber cronicarum.
Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 1493.
Claudius Ptolemaeus
Liber geographiae...
Venice: J. Pentium de Leucho, 1511.
Abraham Ortelius
Theatrvm orbis terrarvm.
Antverpiae: Plantin Press, 1584.
Sir Richard Burton
Personal narrative of a pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Meccah
London: Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans, 1855.
Johann Baptist Homann
Allgemeiner atlas. [Nuremberg, etc., 1683-1822.] 4 vols.
Samuel Purchas
Hakluytus posthumus, or, Purchas his pilgrimes... London: Imprinted for H. Fetherson, 1625. 5 vols.
Jean-Baptiste Du Halde
Description geographique, historique, chronologique, politique... de la China...
Paris: P.G. Lemercier, 1735. 4 vols.
Hessel Gerard
Tabula Russiae Aamstelaedami, 1614.
James Cook
A voyage to the Pacific Ocean; undertaken by command of his Majesty, for making
discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere...

London: Printed for John Stockdale, Scatcherd and Whitaker, John Fielding, and John Hardt, 1784.
Mungo Park
Travels in the interior districts of Africa...
London: Printed by Bulmer and Co. for the author, 1799.
Johann Baptist von Spix
Reise in Brasilien auf befahl Sr. Majesthat Maximilian Joseph I... Müchen: M. Lindauer, 1823-31.
Evert Ysbrandszoon Ides
Three years travels from Moscow overland to China...
London: Printed for W. Freeman, J. Walthoe, J. Nicholson, and R. Parker, 1706.
Francanzano de Montalboddo
Itinerarium Portugallesium e Lusitania in Indiam... [Milan?], 1508.
Alexander Gwagnin
Sarmatae Europae descriptio...
Spiae: Apvd B. Albinvm, 1581.
Richard Hakluyt
The principal navigations, voyages, traffiques and discoveries of the English nation... London, 1598-1600.
Zibalddone d'uno studente Fiorentino
16th century.
Giovanni Battista Ramusio
Delle navigationi et viaggi... Venetia, 1556.
Doin Ochikochi
Tokaido bunken ezu ["A measured pictorial map of the Tokaido"].
Edo: Hangiya Shichi robei, 1690.
Arnoldus Montanus
Atlas Japanesis... London: Printed by Tho. Johnson for the author, 1670.
Bernhard von Breydenbach
Itinerarium terrae Sanctae.
Mainz: Reuwich, 1486.
Frederick de Wit
Tot Amsterdam bij Frederick de Wit..., 1688.
Adam Olearius
The voyage and travells of the ambassadors sent by Frederick... to the Great Duke of Muscovy...
London: Printed for Thomas Dring, 1662.
Cotton Mather
Magnalia, christi Americana: or, the ecclesiastical history of New-England... London: Printed for Thomas Parkhurst, 1702.
Louis Hennepin
Nouvelle découverte d'un très Grand Pays situé dans l'Amérique...
Utrecht: Guillaume Broedelet, 1697.
Nicolas Sanson
Ameriqve Septentrionale Paris: Nicolas Sanson, 1650.
Constantine John Phipps
A voyage towards the north pole undetaken by His Majesty's Command 1773.
London: W. Bowyer & J. Nichols, 1774.
Swift, Jonathan
Travels into several remote nations of the world. London: Printed for Benj. Motte..., 1726.


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