H.G. Wells Correspondence

The H.G. Wells Collection consists of the papers of Herbert George Wells (1866-1946), English novelist and essayist. The collection includes correspondence about business and legal affairs; letters to the press; diaries, journals, drawings, publication records, manuscripts and proofs of published works; speeches; unpublished material; and photographs.

WELLS-1 is the main part of the collection, consisting of over 2,500 letters from Wells and 65,000 to Wells.

WELLS-2 is a major supplement added in 1990, adding the extensive book collection from Wells' personal library, personal and business correspondence, and criticism.
WELLS-3 is the Kennard Collection which includes correspondence between H.G. Wells, Annajane Kennard and Amber Reeves.
WELLS-9 is a collection of supplementary items purchased separately, on an ongoing basis.

There are separate listings of correspondence to Wells from G.B. Shaw and Joseph Conrad.

This query form enables a search of a representative, but not comprehensive, sample of information from all parts of the Wells Correspondence database.

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