COVID-19 Response

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HathiTrust implemented the Emergency Temporary Access Service which gives library patrons access to specific digital materials in HathiTrust’s collection that correspond to the physical books held by their own library. For UIUC patrons, this means continued access to the digital items held in our libraries.

In order to help our patrons best take advantage of this service, Preservation Reformatting prioritizes digitizing materials that can be accessed through HathiTrust. Our goal is to provide researchers with access to as many of our resources in the formats that best suit them. Restricted access to library buildings limits the kinds of access we can provide; however, we continue to focus on the work we can do to make our materials as accessible as possible.

A more detailed description of the Emergency Temporary Access Service is available here. Another resource that is relevant to patrons is HathiTrust’s guide on How to Use ETAS, which includes screenshots for additional assistance. The University Library’s COVID-19 response also details information about this service.

Additional Services

Preservation Reformatting will continue to accept patron digitization requests of public domain (pre-1926) material. Please note that patron digitization requests take an average of two weeks to fulfill. To submit a request, visit our Patron Digitization Requests service page.